Tuesday, February 7, 2012

“Dude, get on that already!”

What??  What’s this??  TWO post in the same week??  It’s a MIRACLE!!!  :)

I am really starting to feel like I am getting my “mom” routine down.  It’s been going a little something like this:

8:00 – wake up, feed Jude, hear strange noises coming from the closet, go check it out and realize Miles has been up WAY longer than me, but is entertaining himself by hiding in my closet and playing Temple Run on my iPad (which he very sneakily got off my night stand without waking me).

8:30 – Finish feeding the Judesters and put him back down to sleep, make spinach smoothies for myself and my little sneaker, (or pancakes, or oatmeal, or cheesy eggs if he wants them,) sit up to the table and have our “morning devotional.” This consists of a prayer, working on memorizing the monthly primary scripture, singing the monthly primary song, and quizzing Miles on his addition and subtraction.

9:00 – clear dishes and send Miles to get dressed.  Once he’s presentable for the day he gets free time.  He usually chooses to use this free time by playing Temple Run on the iPad, or Tanks on the Wii.  I clean up breakfast, clean the kitchen and tidy the living room.  If it’s Monday I start my weekly cleaning routine.  If it’s T/W/TH, I go get myself ready, then change and dress Jude.  (If it’s Friday, I’ll probably let us all get back in bed & watch cartoons ‘til lunch)

9:30 – If it’s Monday, I am still cleaning.  :)  T/W/Th – Get ready to leave for Gymnastics/Play group/Primary meeting.  I get Jude in his seat, tell Miles to go get buckled, run back inside when I decide I can’t leave without a diet pepsi, realize that instead of Miles getting in the car, he has chosen to ride his bike, and is now halfway down the block. 

9:45 – Finally get Miles in the car and buckled, and we are off! 

11:30-12 – get home from wherever we went, eat a quick lunch, load back in the car to head to preschool.

12:15 – Drop Miles off at preschool

12:30 – back home, feed Jude, put him down for a nap

1:00 – 3:00 - MOMS FREE TIME!!!  (yeah right)  I try and use this time to get in a workout, grocery shop, finish cleaning, do laundry, plan my weekly menu, plan the Family Home Evening lesson, do Primary assignments, make my grocery list, shower, play with Jude, return phone calls, Blog, read OTHER people’s blogs, work on writing assignments, drink Diet Pepsi (lots and lots of Diet Pepsi), set the table, and start any necessary dinner prep. 

3:00 – Get Jude loaded in the car, leave to pick up Miles from preschool

3:15 – Pick up Miles

3:30 – back home.  We have an afternoon snack and I try to pry any information I can about his day at preschool out of my tight-lipped son.  And then we work on handwriting.

4:00 – Miles gets free time, Mom feeds Jude, then starts dinner.  If it’s a leftovers night, or dinner is in the oven, I play games with Miles, or we read stories.

5-6:30 – Dad gets home (hopefully), we eat, clear the table, Dad plays with the boys while mom finishes dishes and tidying the kitchen

6:30-7:30 – Get boys ready for bed, read stories & scriptures, prayers, lights out, then sing songs and snuggle a little.

8:00 – Miles is asleep, I feed Jude and put him to bed, finish any house work, work on blog posts or writing assignments while watching some sweet TV shows, Dad studies and falls asleep at his desk.

8:30, 9:00, 9:30 – Miles gets out of bed and says he needs to tell me something.  I put him back.  He cries and says I’m mean and that he’s not my “fwiend” anymore.

10:00 – Miles is FINALLY really asleep

12:00 – I feed Jude and go to bed

3:30-4:00  - I wake up to feed Jude and realize that Miles has snuck down and made himself a little bed in my closet.  I leave him there and go back to bed.

Then we wake up 4 hours later and do it all again!

It has been great for us to be getting into a more regular routine.  It is really helping me manage my time more effectively, and allowing me a little more time to do things I WANT to do…not just the things I NEED to do.  It has been awhile since that has happened.  Doing things I WANT to do, that is, and my “to-do” list has been growing exponentially since the Judesters was born.  Which is why I have decided to follow the lead of my Bloggie Idols over on YHL and adopt their “Dude, get on that already!” weekly challenge.  It’s simple enough.  I’ll just pick something I have been wanting to do but haven’t found the time to ACTUALLY do, and just DO IT already.

But where to start…I could:

  • pick my basement organization project that I have been wanting to get to since we moved this past June
  • Or maybe I should catch up on all the posts I have been WANTING to blog, like Christmas, Miles birthday, and oh yeah…the birth of our second baby.  :) 
  • Or should I pick a crafty project, like finally completing the nursery gallery wall, hanging the mobile I made for Jude’s nursery, or making the pennant banner I have been wanting to hang??? 

Decisions, decisions.

In keeping with my “one little word” to prioritize..(what??? I haven’t shared that with you either?  I’ll put it on the list.)  I’m going to HAVE to bump my little blue-eyed cuties to the top of my “to-do”s.  Jude is already 4.5 months old, after all, and he has hardly logged any blog time at all.  Miles’ birthday was 4 months ago, and I still haven’t shared the pictures.  AND, I just love looking at those cute little faces.


So its settled.  “Dude…I am finally going to catch up on my blog posts”. 

I’m giving myself 1 week to get it all wrapped up, and will share links to all my posts next Tuesday.

Anyone else want to play along?  I’d love a little company!  What’s your “Dude, get on that already!” project going to be??


  1. I wouldn't even know where to begin with your challenge. We are in the midst of deciding where the next month will take us, as far as moving back to Michigan, or moving into Lexington. Then there is everything else, lol. My real goal right now is to start really reading scripture everyday, The Book of Mormon has been on my list for over a year and I have no good excuses, so though it will take me more than a week to read, I will get on this already :)
    Your boys are so, so cute! I can't believe Jude is 4.5 months already! That is insane. I need to make sure and see you the next time we are in town. I hadn't seen Miles haircut either. I love it! His face is so sweet!
    Also I am really enjoying all your blog posts! They are very inspiring and just what I need to read! Miss you!

  2. I've got three notebooks (who am I kidding, I've got way more than three) that I'm 'filling' with projects. If I would just write a little in them every day, I would have to spend an hour or more icing or flexing my wrist when I do take the time to write in them!