Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just the Beginning

Well, I have finally given in. I never thought I would want to start a "family blog", so I think I will have to blame this on the whole pregnancy thing. It's amazing the things I have started doing since finding out I was going to have a baby. For instance I have:
  • been practicing all of the primary songs on the piano, so someday I can play them and sing them with my baby.
  • recording not only dates of Drs appointments with sonogram pictures, but also any thoughts, feelings, or questions I have in a pregnancy journal....maybe this is weird, but I figure it will be funny to read later.
  • catching up scrapbooking projects so when the baby comes, I will have "clean slate", and can focus on doing baby related pages instead
  • Buying and downloading classical music, and baby lullabies...pretty self explanatory
  • and now, starting this blog.

I never thought finding out I am going to be a mom would influence me to start doing things I normally don't do, or wouldn't have done. But I guess its "relatively normal." (I say relatively, because Mike thinks there's nothing normal about my recent behavior!) But I suppose that's probably normal too.

1 comment:

  1. Ha, ha, ha,
    I love this entry. It cracks me up. Just you wait and see. More changes are ahead;you will shock yourself! (some things WILL acute interest in how many times another person poops each day, wiping a runny nose on the inside hem of your shirt, a terrible inner debate over whether or not a five year old boy can go into a mens public restroom himself or you drag him into the women's yet again.) And lots of others. I promise you will not be the same, it changes how you think about everything and it is worth it!!

    Good Luck!!!