Saturday, June 26, 2010

Midnight Mayham

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Movie

It's right around the corner

I am driving my husband CRAZY talking about how excited I am

I'm ready for it!

Re-read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse? CHECK!

Re-watched the Twilight and New Moon Movies? CHECK! CHECK!

Read "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" an Eclipse Novella? Wouldn't Miss it! (You can read it HERE too, for free, until July 5th. Thank You Stephenie Meyer!)

Bought my ticket? YESSSSS!

Invited the entire Relief Society to go with me so I don't have to be the only (almost) 30 year old there squealing with delight over Taylor Lautner's abs? Umm...that's a no brainer.

Designed a special Eclipse themed e-vite to invite the afore mentioned Relief Society to join me at Applebees for half price appetizers before the show? Of Course!

I even went as far as creating a few Eclipse themed accessories to wear with the T-shirt I made that says "If Jacob Black kissed me, I wouldn't punch him in the face."

Okay....I didn't really make the shirt.

(Or Did I???)

And in case you needed to know just EXACTLY how long I still have to wait.....

But REALLY....who's counting???

Monday, June 14, 2010

En Vogue

Fashionable Hair Accessories

A MUST for every little.....boy?

hmmm....not sure how his dad will feel about this. But personally, I have been laughing about it all day.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Canadian Falls

A couple weekends ago Mike spontaneously decided we should head on over and visit our neighbors to the north….er….East from where we live, and hang out with some Canadians. Pretty fun, eh?

002 So we booked our reservations at Michael’s Inn (Seriously, that’s where we stayed) loaded the car, and headed to Niagara Falls. It was a great get away.

We saw the sights, went on a hike, got SOAKED on the Maid of the Mist, crossed the border and ate at Hard Rock Cafe in NY, and watched Miles swim his little heart out in the hotel swimming pool.

(Because let’s face it…when you’re 2, the swimming pool is all that really matters.)

Pretty much, it was awesome.

I highly recommend going. To the Canada side.

sorry America…your Niagara Falls just weren’t as good. (But your food is cheaper, so thanks for that.)