Thursday, June 28, 2007

I had a little "creative project" to do today. I baked and decorated a cake for a co-workers birthday. And I must say, It was really fun!

Don't look too closely at the cake, because its not that great. But I am getting a little better. I am still learning how to smooth out the frosting on the sides of the cake. Its a lot harder than you would think it would be! Anyway, here are a couple pics of how it turned out.

Its a double layer chocolate cake (only 6' rounds) with buttercream frosting. I used the star tip #21 to do the rosettes on top, and also the stars along the bottom. It was really fast to make.

This is a view from the top of the cake. I started running out of frosting, so the roesettes on the top actually didn't look as nice as the ones on the bottom, unfortunately. But thats alright. It was still fun to do. I was going to write "Happy Birthday" on the sides of the cake, but my writing skills still need a LOT of improvement before I attempt it on an actual cake!

I took the Wilton cake decorating class course #1 back in February, and I think next month I might sign up for the Fondant and tiered cakes course. Since Mike is going to beone the whole month, I figure it will give me something to do. And I love the look of fondant cakes. I think it would be really cool to know how to do that. Anyway, those are my plans. I had such a great time practicing my "techniques", I think I might make some cupcakes with cool designs on them next week. I'll definitely post pictures if I do.

Monday, June 25, 2007

look what showed up!

I was brought to the realization yesterday that I do , infact, now look pregnant. Mike was lying on the couch and put his hand on my stomach and said:

"Woah! Its getting big! It was flat for so long, and now this week, all of a sudden, it just popped right out!"

Yes, Yes...Thank you for that. And thank you for noticing.

Anyway, I figured now would be a good time to take a few unflattering pictures because hey, thats what a pregnancy is all about.

So without further ado.....The baby bump.

I am now 22.5 weeks. I started to realize that October isn't as far away as it felt originally. It is kind of sneaking up on me. SCARY! I still haven't found any bedding for the crib that I REALLY want. Here are a few options.
This is Mike's pick. I like it too, but I can't decide if I like light colors like this, or bright colors like the next ones. (This one is also the cheapest. Possibly the reason Mike likes it so much!)
I think this one MIGHT be my favorite. I really like the brighter colors, and it was actually cuter in person. Plus the primary colors make it easy to find other decorations that match.I like this one as well. It has more yellows and reds, like the rest of my house, so it kind of goes with everything else. I also like the animals and letters, because again, its easy to find matching decorations. This one is the most expensive, so definitely does not get Mike's vote.

Anyway...I still don't know. Opinions are always welcome! I guess I'll just keep my eyes open.

We also went and test drove some bigger SUVs today. Too bad we can't actually afford the ones we drove! We went and tried out the new Toyota Highlander and the new Honda Pilot. I liked them both, ofcourse with the leather, and moon roof, and navigation...etc. Its fun to dream. We will probably end up getting an old version of the highlander at an auction sometime this summer. That will have to tide me over. But its no wonder people are in debt up to their eyeballs! I loved the cars so much, I started bargaining with myself. "I could give up my cable TV and Tivo, I won't go shopping anymore, or go out to eat, and I'll get dial-up internet instead of high-speed. Then I could afford this car payment for the really really really nice car of my dreams." Good think I had Mike with me to pop my dream car bubble and bring me back into reality. Ohwell. Someday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Congratulations are definitely in order for my sweet husband Mike. As of Sunday at 4:06 pm, Mike is officially finished with his first two years of Medical School!!!


He has been studying his brains out, getting ready to take his boards. He took one on Friday and his last one on Sunday, and now he is finished!

This picture pretty much shows where he has been for the last two months. He didn't know I was sneaking up on him with the camera (notice his earphones). He has just spent so much time in that chair, at that desk, I thought I at least needed a picture.

Anyway, he starts his rotations in July. His first rotation is a rural family medicine. He will be staying with his dad at Bryce Canyon for a month. I know, rough huh. And he will be working in a family practice clinic right outside the canyon. He is really excited, and I scheduled a long weekend off to go and visit.

So, Good Job Mike. I am so proud of you!!!

Now... I also have to thank Rachel for introducing me to TJ Maxx!! I went in there last Friday to look for some baby clothes, and I found the cutest outfits. So ofcourse, I had to take pictures and post them on here.
I thought they were all really cute, and only $10.00 (each) but still, thats less than I paid for the outfit I bought at Sams Club, and these are CUTER!

So Thanks Rachel, for helping me find cute clothes! I think I am going to make it a tradition to go to TJ Maxx now on Fridays to go shopping. Oh, and Mike thanks you too. (Well, not exactly)

Funny thing about Mike. So, I have a total of about 7 baby outfits now. One for 3 months, 4 for 6 months (the ones I just bought), and one newborn onesie. When I came home with these four outfits, Mike said "That's it! no more baby clothes. He has enough!"

Seriously??? he has enough? I guess our baby is only allowed one outfit every three months to wear 24 hours a day. hmmmmm...... interesting.

Anyway, this is the three month outfit I bought at Old Navy. I loved the camo shorts. They are so little!

And last but certainly not least...the only onesie I own. I'm sure you can tell who bought it for me. :)
(Thanks Mom)

My mom said she went to Carters and bought some more outfits that she is sending, so I'll post those when they come. I guess its alright if Mike doesn't want me to buy anymore outfits, because my Mom will keep me in supply! Thats what Grandmas are for.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

For Kristi...

One whole post, just for you Kristi!

The book I bought my dad was caleld "Pioneering the West: 1846 to 1878. Major Howard Egan's Diary. " It also has "thrilling experiences of prefrontier life," and something about living with the Indians in the title. Here is a picture (albeit a small one) of what the book looks like.

If you want to take a peek at whats inside, just follow this link. It will take you to the byu library family history site, and a copy of the book they have scanned in electronically. Read as much or as little as you want. My personal favorite story is section #31, entitled "A Fearful Fall" on pages 190-192. I recommend reading that one for sure!

Here is another link that will take you to a google search page which has also scanned in the book.,M1

I bought mine at Ken Sanders Rare Books in SLC. It was a first edition and was originally marked about $200. but I happened to go the week of a sale and got it for $125 or $150. I don't really remember which. I know they have a website and keep a list of books they have on hand. You could check them out. Or, look up rare book stores in your area (maybe cedar city or St George would be the closest) and give them a call to see if they have it.

Here is a link to a store in Providence, UT that says they have the book
its #63 on the list. You could call and ask about the condition, etc.

I know the book was printed twice. Once in 1917 (the first editions) and again in the 50s. If you got a 2nd edition printing, they are cheaper.

And just for history's he is, in all his glory. Major Howard Egan

By the way...did you know Major Egan was the first man on trial for murder in the territory of Utah? The story is pretty interesting. But maybe I'll save that for another day! :)

And just because you asked for it, here is a picture of my belly:

Ha Ha Ha!! Sometimes I am just so funny!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

sort of annoying

Ha! this picture I saw today cracked me up. Maybe its not as funny to people who aren't pregnant, but I have recently discovered there are so many annoying things people do to you when you are pregnant. First...lets start with the questions people ask.

I really should make a top ten list of questions people ask me. But here are the most common so far...just for the fun of it.

1. How much weight have you gained?

  • I literally walked into work yesterday and a gentleman I work with (who shall remain nameless) yells out "So Sarah, what's your weight up to now? Have you been gaining any? I can see your belly!" Thank you for that. Why is it okay to ask a pregnant person how much they weigh? I try to take it in stride, but seriously.....

2. Can I touch your belly?

  • Simple answer. No! I could go on and on about this question. But lets be realistic. If I know you, and you are a close friend or family member, sure...Rub the buddah belly as much as you want. But to anyone else... please refrain yourself! What is it about a big pregnant belly that just makes complete strangers want to reach out and touch it??? Besides, my belly isn't that big yet. And if you put your hands on it you come awfully close to my "you know what" parts. And that is definitely akward.

3. How are you feeling?

  • I have realized there is a big difference in the questions "Hey, how are you doing?" and "How are you feeling?" In and of itself, its not really an annoying question. Perhaps it just becomes slightly annoying because you are asked this question every single day by every single person who knows you are expecting. I think asking ANYONE a question that much would just get old. And in case you are wondering, I'm just fine. :)

so, those are the top three. Now, I'm still a little small in the belly area, so people always ask me "are you sure you're pregnant", and "where's your bump?".

One lady went as far as to ask me if I was sure the baby was still ALIVE...because I was too small to have a GROWING baby. seriously.

I could go on and on, but I'm feeling much better now that I have vented all these little tidbits. So, for now I am just going to be grateful. But if I get anymore annoying/wierd or stupid questions, I will be sure to let you know!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Along time ago I went over to my Grandma Barnards house and scanned in all of her old photos, announcements and letters she had stored in boxes and old photo albums. I have always been interested in family history, geneology, etc., and really wanted copies of these pictures to have, before they get all divided and split up to different families.
Yesterday I finally sent these pictures to Sam Club to be developed to put in my family history scrapbook I have been working on. When I picked them up, the manager of the photo center was there. I gave her my name and she said "Oh YES...I remember these pictures!" She said she always tries not to look at the pictures people send in (yeah right...) But that she was so touched by all these old photographs, and all the history there.

THEN, she said she was really moved by "the handsome gentleman in his military uniform."
This is the picture the manager was talking about (and the one I used...see the rest of the story.)

I knew she was talking about my sweet Grandpa Barnard. I told her a little bit about him, and some of his "famous stories" he used to tell us. The manager told me they were starting a memorial wall honoring those who served and who are currently serving in all branches of the military. She asked if I would sign a copyright release to allow her to blow up his image, print it off, and have it be the center of the display. She said they could also place a plaque under his picture with his military rank, branch, and years served.

What an Honor! I thought Grandpa B would be tickled pink to have his handsome face on display, and that he certainly deserved his "place of honor" up on that wall. I signed the release, and left to go home and call my Grandma B.

I told her the story, and I could tell she was crying when I was finished. She asked me if I knew what today was, and then she told me today was her 60th wedding anniversary to that wonderful, handsome man. Now even I was getting choked up.

The whole thing has just really made me grateful today not only for those serving in our armed forces, but for my family, heritage and ancestry. I have truly been blessed! What an honor it is for me to know where I came from and to be proud of those who blazed the way for me today. And today, especially grateful for my sweet Grandpa Barnard. What an amazing man he was. I miss him everyday.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Everything Marlee!

Well, I have been inspired by Kristi's cats to post a little something about my sweet doggie, Marlee. I love my dog!

I have had Marlee almost two years now, and she has been the best dog. I adopted her from the pound during a special Phoenix pet adoption day. I had no idea how busy it was going to be. By the time I got there, the line was three hours long. So I did what anyone who really wanted a dog would do.....I cut in line! :) And its a good thing I did, because they ran out of animals about 30 minuts later.

As soon as I saw her, I knew she was the dog for me. She was so cute, and just sat there with her big long tongue hanging out of her mouth. She was pleasant, and never barked at the other dogs or the other millions of people who were there. After I picked her out, I still had to wait 3 hours in line to fill out the paperwork and pay my adoption fee. But she was worth it!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Extra Special

Today is a very special day for a certain member of our family. Today is the day my beautiful and talented sister will receive her first working girl, college graduate, real-job


Great Job Rach! We are all proud of you!

I also realized I never posted any pics of graduation, so for your viewing pleasure:

You wouldn't know it from the above picture, but it actually started SNOWING about 2 minutes after this was taken. It was freezing.

The graduates with the proud parents. This was taken at Hamiltons, the restaurant we went to after graduation. Its no coincidence the photo was taken in front of their massive fireplace.

And Of course, we can't forget Grandma B! Love that lady.

And last but not least, the Bills Family together at the infamous "A" at Utah State.

So congratulations again on making the Big Money, Rachey! Maybe after the baby comes, you can give me a loan. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

movin and shakin

Well, I just came home from my latest ultrasound scan, and everything looked just fine. I like going to the ultrasounds, but this one was the LEAST fun, mainly because they told me I had to come with a full bladder. They said to drink at least 40 oz. of water an hour before I showed up....and HOLD IT! Yeah right!

So, I did my best, and they started the scan, and I already had to go to the bathroom really really bad. Then what do they do? Start pushing all over your belly, with an extremely full bladder. Like that helps. I was trying to concentrate, but mainly I was just thinking about where the nearest restroom was.

Anyway, the baby is healthy, had a heart beat of 140, and was 11 ounces in weight. I'm not sure how long he is. But the technologist measured his feet, and they were a whopping 3 centimeters long. She also confirmed he is definitely a boy, but he was a little more shy than the last time. He kept his little hand "down there" the whole time. I guess that in and of itself would prove he is a boy. Mike really enjoyed looking at all the anatomy of the ultrasound. He kept asking the tech things like, "where is the foramen ovale" and if he could see it on the ultrasound, and if she would be able to tell if he had "oligohydramniose" ...whatever that is. The baby doesn't. And all kinds of technicalities. He enjoyed it.

I thought it would be fun to post pictures so you can see how much he's grown!

These pictures to the left...this was my "eight week peanut". Atleast thats what I like to call it. Not a whole lot there to see. Just a little Blob. Some people think he looks more like a lima bean...But, I say there's not much difference.

This is the baby at fifteen weeks.

The above picture is probably my favorite of all time. I just think it is hilarious. It is obviously a picture of his "male parts"...and he is totally spread eagle. No modesty, not shy, just showing it off for the world to see. (He must get that from his father) :)
And this is the 15 week profile. Wow! Look how much he's grown. What a difference 7 weeks can make, eh? He actually looks like a little human. At this ultrasound, he was flipping all over the place, and he kept grabbing and yanking the ubilical cord. I think he is going to be a Cirque De Soleil performer!

And Last but not Least...the 20 Week Scan

I'm so big now, my whole body doesn't even fit into the picture, and I really like to bend my legs up by my head, and kick my mom.

Another picture ..You can see his knee is almost touching his nose, and his feet are extended past his noggin. Doesn't look very comfortable to me, but this seems to be his favorite position.

This is a picture of my little foot that measures a total of 3cm. But I have all my toes.

And another profile pic with my feet almost touching my head. Mike said he must have been the same age the last time he could do something like that.

So, everything was fine, and everyone is healthy and happy. We were glad there was no bad news. I have a routine Drs checkup tomorrow, and then I am finished for another month.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ultrasound #2

My 20 week diagnostic ultrasound is coming up this Thursday. (Pics to come on that later.) I am excited to see how much this little guy has grown. According to all the "you're expecting" websites I peruse on a daily basis, he should be about 7 inches long, and about 8-10 ounces. (Approximately the size of a grapefruit) I guess we'll see how he measures up!

I finished painting the nursery last weekend...a nice bright yellow. Its a little brighter than I expected, but it grows on me everyday. And the most exciting thing is that we bought the crib. I personally think its a really nice one. But I'm the one who bought it, so ofcourse I think its nice. (Thanks mom and dad for the graduation money! Your grandson will be well equipped because of it.)

Now, I know the room in the picture was made for a little girl, but just imagine this crib, infront of yellow walls and little BOY bedding (which I have yet to buy.) I think it should all look pretty good.

Other than the crib, I don't have anything. And speaking of not having anything else...this is not for a lack of trying. Whats the deal with racks and racks and racks of adorable girl clothing at ALL the stores I have been to, and one teeny tiny clearance/sale rack of baby boy clothing (that isn't very cute at all.) I am SOO disappointed!

On a happier note, I'll try and post ultrasound pics on Thursday. If (and that is a big if) I can get on the computer. Mike seems to be spending all his time on that thing lately studying for boards, so I'm not going to promise.