Tuesday, March 29, 2011

well, well, well....

It seems I have fallen into a bad habit. A habit of promising "more to come", (as in posts on the blog) and I just can't seem to deliver.


Has it really been 5+ weeks???


In case you may have begun to believe I had actually fallen off the face of the earth, I'll say this:

We are all here. And we are all happy!

We came home last week from a fantastic little vacation spent sliding down water slides and strategizing winning card game moves with our close friends.

Miles has taken to saying things like "I'm so spoiled because I take after my mommy!" and the ever classic "I'm so stinky because I take after my daddy!"

And did I mention his "stinky" daddy turned 32 last week?

(And FYI...my boys daddy isn't really stinky. Most of the time.)

It suffices me to say that I am content. Content with my life. Content with myself. Content with my role as a wife and a mother. I'm just all around feeling A O K.

I hope to post more. I hope to write more. And now that the sun is out and shinning, and winter is beginning to turn into a cold (and miserable) memory, I'm pretty sure the mood to spill my guts to mystery readers on the WWW will strike with increased frequency.


But if it doesn't, I'm content with that too.


So, if it turns into another few months before you hear from me, just picture me out enjoying the sunshine, planting my garden, having bike races with Miles, flying kites, sewing to my hearts content, kissing my wonderful husband (um..on second thought, maybe DON'T picture that one), and enjoying life to its fullest.

"And that's all I have to say about that...."

                                               (Forrest Gump)