Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who knew THAT could be so astounding

We have reached an important Milestone. And when I say "We", I really mean Miles. But a victory for him is a victory for us all.

A few weeks ago we bought a potty chair. And when I say "We", I really mean "I". It was an experiment on Miles' interest level. And I think its safe to say his interest was about a big fat ZERO. And when I say ZERO, I mean if you asked Miles if he wanted to sit on the potty he would start screaming "NO NO NO!!" and then run in the other direction.

But lucky for me Miles is curious. About everything. And independent to boot. And it didn't take long before he realized what that chair was for. We graduated from screaming "no", to saying, "umm, yeah!" And now we have graduated from just "sitting", to actually "doing." (If you get my drift)

And if you don't (get my drift, I mean), I'll just spell it out for you

Miles Used the Potty All By Himself!!
(And I haven't laughed so hard in my entire life)

Why? Why was it sooooo unbelievably funny I had to call my husband, my mom, and my sister immediately to tell them all about it? Well, I will tell you too.

The morning went a little something like this:

I asked Miles "Do you need to go use the potty?"

Miles: "um, Yeah!!!" That is how he always responds. Not just "yeah", but "ummm, yeah." Every time. That detail isn't a pivotal part to the story. Just an interesting fact.

We run to the bathroom, Miles rips off his diaper and sits right down. And in about two seconds realizes something is going on down there. So he does what anyone (and when I say "anyone", I mean "any boy") would do and looks down to see what is happening.

Then, at that moment, a look of wonder and sheer amazement came across his angel face. His eyes got big, his mouth widened to make a big "O". And he said simply..."WOAH!!!!!"

When it was all over, his look of amazement turned distraught and he cried out "More! More! More!" And he sat on that potty chair, straining so hard his little face shook and turned the color of a ripe maraschino cherry, until he managed to squeeze out a few more drops.

He clapped, I cheered, he wiped, and then he threw his fist into the air exultantly and cried out "YESSSSS!" And with that, he ran his little naked bum out of that room and into his bedroom to play with his legos.

And THAT, my friends is why I laughed so hard. And why I love being a mom.
Oh my, my, my. That Miles of mine.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chinese Renewal

I have to say things have been running like a well-oiled machine at our house.

I was rummaging through my dresser the other day. Just as I was thinking, "why do I have so much stuff in here?" I found an old fortune cookie fortune I had managed to save.

It said, "Don't give up on your goals. Your efforts will soon be rewarded."
My subconscious must have realized I would need to read that on a day I was really struggling.

And I know it sounds silly, but that was all it took for me to re-focus and re-dedicate to this crazy thing called parenthood.

(That, and I followed up on my Mom's good advice to re-read Elder Bednar's talk from last General Conference

He spoke on being more diligent at home with our families. This was my favorite part:

" Now and then verses of scripture were read amid outbursts such as “He’s touching me!” “Make him stop looking at me!” “Mom, he’s breathing my air!” ... At times Sister Bednar and I were exasperated because the righteous habits we worked so hard to foster did not seem to yield immediately the spiritual results we wanted and expected.

Today if you could ask our adult sons what they remember about family prayer, scripture study, and family home evening, I believe I know how they would answer. They likely would not identify a particular prayer or a specific instance of scripture study or an especially meaningful family home evening lesson as the defining moment in their spiritual development. What they would say they remember is that as a family we were consistent.... The consistency of our intent and work was perhaps the greatest lesson—a lesson we did not fully appreciate at the time.

Good Gravy, I'm grateful for wise council.

And so, I have found my new groove.

With a new sticker reward system, renaming 'time-out' to 'the naughty chair', giving lots of praise for good behavior, and asking dad to help back me up in the discipline department when he is home, have really helped to turn things around.

Oh, and a renewed personal zeal to have family (and personal) prayer, Family Home Evening, Scripture study, and good quality mother/son bonding time might have helped. Just a little. :)

I'm just glad nice mom is back. Now, if only I could track down Super Mom to come clean my house.......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Been there?

There are days when I look around my house and I feel like a Super Woman. A Super Mom. A Super everything. Chores are complete, House is clean, Child is happy, I actually had a shower (this doesn't happen nearly as often as it should) and the day is just sitting there, waiting to be discovered. And when that boy of mine learns something new and delights in the things he discovered that day because I provided the opportunity, well....can I say Super one more time?


Then I'll just say I feel like the Best. Mom. Ever.

But things the last few days have not been Super. Not super at all. And I haven't felt like the best mom ever. Or even a good mom. I feel like a mean mom. And it pains me to say this.

But maybe part of being a good mom is admitting when you need help. When you are in over your head. Am I in over my head?


4:00 am - Miles wakes up. I went downstairs to get pancake mix for breakfast. By the time I walked back upstairs, Miles had his potty chair in the bath tub, filling it up with water, and dumping said water all over the bathroom floor and down the heating vent.

4:15 am - I am bending over the tub cleaning everything up when I hear two tiny little feet running at me from behind. One big push by a very small two year old, and into the tub I go. I am soaked. But on the bright side, today is one of the days I got a "shower."

5:00 am - Miles feeds Marlee his pancakes by throwing them all over the floor. And dumping his milk out for her too.

5:30 am - Mom and Miles both changed into clean clothes and settle onto the couch to watch some cartoons. Where mom dozes off.

5:35 am - to wake mom up, Miles throws his Thomas the Train engine at moms head, causing a huge goose egg, blood, tears, a lot of cursing, and a SERIOUS consideration to giving the culprit a good swat. (gasp!) Instead I opt for the naughty chair. Now renamed the VERY naughty chair.

Before Lunch, Miles had also managed to take off his diaper and poop on the floor, rip up the pages to his book, eat half of all the sticks of string cheese in the fridge, lock me downstairs, and feed all the lunch meat in the fridge to Marlee.

After lunch I went for a drive to McDonalds to get a huge Diet Coke. And Miles fell asleep on the way. Relief!

But Einstein said "That which goes down for a nap, must wake up."

And he did. Before dinner he smashed a box of lasagna noodles into little tiny pieces, opened a box of elbow macaroni, and spread BOTH these things all over the basement.


I went to the bathroom, and when I came out, I found Miles rolling around downstairs in an entire 5 lb. bag of sugar he dumped all over the floor.


Then while I was fixing dinner, he broke eggs all over my living room carpet.


I think it's pretty safe to say I am in over my head.

I have tried being firm, I have tried time-outs and the naughty chair, I have tried ignoring the behavior, I have tried rewarding GOOD behavior instead of punishing bad, and I have tried a combination of all these things at the same time.

And its not working.

But its not even the bad behavior that has me in this glumy mood. Its my reaction to it. I am losing the battle to remain calm. I am losing my patience. I am losing my good mom self.

I am turning into a frustrated mom. I have been too loud, too angry, too impatient.

I am the mean mom.

But I want to be the good mom again.

So tell me. I want to know. Seriously, lay it all out. I need your help, tips, tricks, and great child rearing secrets.

Miles thanks you in advance. (I think he is missing Super Mom even more than I am)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Cautionary Tale

This is a story about:

a really tired mom

who accidentally fell asleep on the couch during breakfast time

leaving her two year old to fend for himself.

The End

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I don't want to do it....

Blog, that is.
Don't get me wrong. I love sharing my stories and the comings and goings of my family. I love staying connected with friends. I love keeping a record we can look back on.

I have been procrastinating.

Because I am in denial. And I don't want to admit that

when did that happen??

It's hard to have a "real" Birthday when the Daddy was scheduled to work 110 hours. But I did my best to celebrate with that big boy of mine. Miles blew out birthday candles during his pancake breakfast, which he ate off his red letter day plate.

Then he wanted to watch "Roar Roars" (Dinosaurs in Ice Age 3) and eat "feeshees". In my defense, I tried to get him at least to wear pants. But "No" happens to be his favorite word. And it was his Birthday after all....

A movie, a bath, and one outfit later, we were off to Heritage Park to have fun at the Petting Farm. We saw "neigh neighs", "moo moos", and "Baaaaaaaaaas". He had fun playing with the piggies, donkeys, bunnies, chicks, and even an Alpaca! And after he had pet every animal at least 10 times, we went to "Yum Yums" for lunch. (That is what Miles calls McDonalds. Seriously. Every time he sees those golden arches he cries out "want Yum Yums!" Don't you judge me.....)

We had to wait until the NEXT day to open presents. Miles opened one present Friday morning, the Old Yeller dvd his Dad bought for him . And because Birthday parties are always more fun with friends, we headed to Ohio to celebrate his Birthday with the Tranchells. Miles is a pro at unwrapping presents. He wasn't really interested in the actual present, just the unwrapping of them. For his 2nd Birthday, Miles received:

1. The Old Yeller DVD from dad
2. A homemade magnetic chalkboard from mom
3. A new winter coat from Grandpa and Grandma Romer
4. $50 for his college fund, and a cute pillowcase for his bed from Nana and Papa Atkinson
5. Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ed (and baby boy) sent a card
6. Playdough and a toy truck from the Tranchells
7. and Mom and Dad gave him new clothes, Jammies, snowpants, snow boots, and one new toy: a (small) talking Elmo doll Miles picked out himself

We made it to Ohio, had a homemade pizza dinner, opened more presents, sang "Happy Birthday", blew out the candles, and ate Birthday cake. ( no ice cream. It wouldn't have survived the 3 hour drive from Wyandotte to Akron).

I can't believe how much he has grown in the last year. How much he has learned and developed. I can't believe how lucky I am.
Miles, you are a delight and a joy. Your smile melts my heart, and your laughter brings a twinkle to my eye.
Happy Birthday little man!