Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving x2

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a good one here. So I thought I would share how we did it.

How to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for 2:

Before the big day:
1. Plan your menu. Go to the store. Remember....the freezer section is your friend.
2. Take the (frozen) items you bought and put them in your freezer at home.

On the big day:
3. Take out the Rhodes rolls to thaw
4. Bake Frozen Pumpkin pie
5. Bake frozen turkey breast (remember to remove frozen gravy packet first)
6. Bake now thawed rhodes rolls
7. Steam frozen vegetables
8. Pour Box of stuffing into boiling water. Wait for 5 minutes. Put in nice bowl.
9. Thaw frozen gravy that came with turkey.
10. Make home-made mashed potatoes.'s the least you could do.

Put everything on the table at Noon. Open your bottle of sparkeling cider and toast to a delicious meal, you hardly had to work to prepare. Oh yeah...and to family and blessings and stuff like that. :)

Eat food. You will probably be finished by 12:15

Throw away (okay...recycle) the one time use aluminum roasting pan, put your 2 plates and silverware in the dishwasher, put left over food in the fridge.

Then curl up on the couch, put on Shrek 2, and take a long and well deserved afternoon nap.

When you wake up, Eat your Pumpkin Pie.

Can you say...P-E-R-F-E-C-T??!!

I'd invite you, but dinner for 2+ might not be so easy. Unless, ofcourse, you bring all the food.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I never thought I would be writing this....

But it is OVER!

Things were good once. Between us. Everyone could see how happy you made me. We were almost inseperable, you and me. Spending lazy afternoon days at the park watching the clouds roll by. and sometimes we just stayed in. It didn't matter. We were together. And it was perfect.

You taught me to look closer. To see how lucky I am. To see the beauty I am surrounded by everyday. I learned so much from you.

But then it all changed. Then YOU changed. With one click of a button, you were gone. Broken forever.

I know....I'm suppossed to say, "It's not you, it's me." But truthfully, it IS you! It is ALL you. You abandoned me when I needed you most. I gave you everything you ever needed. And I was patient. I tried everything I could think of to get you back. But you just can't expect me to wait around forever. After all...a girl has needs!

Yes in deed...I'm moving on. And moving up.

But I'm sorry. I truly am.....sorry that your image sensor mirror thingamadoodad chip is broken. And I'm sorry I can't get you a new one.

My hands are tied.

So, to you, my tried and true, good ole' Nikon D50.....I bid you adieu.

And say hellooooooooooooooooooo to the new love in my life. ( WILL be after "Black Friday")

With my husband's blessing...(well, sort of) I'll buy this baby the day after Thanksgiving.

I certainly am one lucky girl. :)

I'm funny

I just want to laugh.

Ha Ha Ha!

What was I thinking?! A WHOLE week of catching up with my blogging desires?

I just want to laugh! Sometimes I am so funny. And I say funny things.

Next time, try not to believe me.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Day 2:
Tolmachoff Farms

As promised, one of the fall activities I haven't mentioned was our visit to Tolmachoff Farms. It's the last hold-out from urbanization left in our area. This farm is literally right in the middle of a big housing development.

Miles did fun things with his friends Livy and Sophie Tranchell, like sliding in a train

There was a petting farm, and Miles wasn't too sure about it. But he warmed up to the animals.

Here he is psyching himself up...

ALMOST there....

And then horse tries to eat Miles' face.

He wasn't excited about the petting part of the petting zoo after that.

Mom, trying to show Miles that not all animals will eat your face.

Looking, and not touching Wilbur, here.

Just me and the little guy, mugging it up. We were just happy to be out of the darn corn maze.

Our friends, Livy, Nate, Sophie, and Tiffany Tranchell

Lost in the previously mentioned corn maze. We chose the "family" maze, thinking it would be easier. The object was to find the four mailboxes hidden in the maze. Each mailbox contained a picture of a portion of the maze. Once you collected all four pieces, you could find your way out.
Or So They Said!
It was suppossed to take around 30 minutes.
But what do those maze people know anyway? After finding mailbox 2,3, and 4, and walking around for nearly an hour to get #1, we gave up. Exited through the entrance, and never looked back.

Miles hitching a ride.

And it would only be fair if I mentioned the weather here when we went to the corn maze was almost too HOT! After almost 4 years here, I am still surprised when I feel too hot at the pumpkin farm, and when I call home for the week, my mom says it snowed.
I think I may actually miss this place when we leave next year.
and thanks again Tranchells, for one of many fun outings.
Tomorrow: Mourning, Crafts, and Babies

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dads and Golf and Honorable Intentions

I've been talking to my mom. And she says she keeps waiting, and watching, but I haven't updated for a little while.

I know mom, I know.

I have so many stories to tell. And so many pictures to share of my little boy. And, believe it or not, I actually have a few of my OWN thoughts and ideas I wouldn't mind writing down.

But life happens, and giving Miles kisses all day, or reading "Touch and Feel Animal Farm", or practicing my hair spiking skills so my little guy looks handsome, seems to take priority.

I have honorable intentions. Infact, I sat down two nights ago to honor those intentions at last.

I spent an hour and half uploading, and writing, and laughing (at my own witty jokes) and the final result was BRILLIANT I say....Brilliant.

And when I left the blogger page to find some other pictures, and blogger warned me that if I DID leave, my work was unsaved and I would loose it, and when I thought "Oh, what does blogger know anyway.....", and when I left my blogger page, and when my unsaved work really WAS deleted.....

Well, I just didn't have the heart to start over. Turns out my posts, on occassion can be brilliant (in my own, humble opinion ofcourse), but I, myself, am not.

So I'm just going to erase that incident from my memory and start over. And in honor of that new clean slate, and my intentions...This Whole Week (what's left of it anyway) will be dedicated to catching up with my blogging desires.

So Today: Dads and Golf

Two days ago (on Monday, the 3rd) was my Dad's birthday. And for those of you who don't know him, he's pretty darn great. Even though he did scare me, as a little girl, with his monster masks, I still love him.

Why do I love my dad? Well, for instance:
  1. He supported me in and footed the bill for piano lessons for nearly 15 years!! (sorry I never learned to site-read, dad!)
  2. He told me his horse Blaze, was really MY horse, because he bought him the same year I was born. And I believed it until I was about 16.
  3. He always kept me looking good in Wranglers, Boots, and those awesome snap up cowgirl shirts.
  4. When I got sick, he always came home for lunch with popscicles, treats, and those fun paper doll books they used to make.
  5. He paid for me to go to Basketball camp. (Seriously! I went to basketball camp) And he didn't even laugh at me when I told him I wanted to go. That must have been really hard.
  6. And speaking of Basketball, I think he came to almost all of my Junior Jazz Basketball games. (yes. I played Junior Jazz. for TWO Years! I know...I just rocked your world.)
  7. And he always taught me really fun songs to sing about swimming with bare-naked women. (If you must know, I'll e-mail you the lyrics.) :)
  8. I have all kinds of funny sayings and come-backs I always take credit for, even though I stole them from him.
  9. He didn't strangle me when he took me car shopping about 5 times, and offered to buy me probably 20 cars, but I thought they were all "ugly".
  10. Because he got teary-eyed when we told him he would be getting his first grand child
  11. And because he took time off of work (something he NEVER does) to come and stay with us when the baby came. And he helped take care of me when I got sick, and helped take care of Miles, because I couldn't.

So Thanks Dad! You're the best, we love you, and we couldn't have made it through these last few years without you!

Love ya!

Oh...and did I mention my dad loves golf? Well he does. And so do I. At least I love Tiger Woods anyway. I was determined as a teen I would marry him someday. That one didn't work out for me, but Mike and I decided it would be pretty swell if Miles became a professional golfer.

So we decided to start early.

We celebrated a pretty Low-key Halloween. But the highlight? The Costume, ofcourse!

Why do I love Miles' costume?

I'll tell you.
  1. I love the look on complete stranger's faces when they see it. They point, and smile, and say "look at that little boy...he's so CUTE!" And of course I love it.
  2. And then these complete strangers abandon their own costume clad children to come and tell me just how cute he is. And of course, I love it.
  3. And it comes with its own little set of stuffed golf clubs, which Miles carries around with him everywhere.
  4. One word. Knickers
  5. And because he actually kept that hat on almost all night.
  6. It makes me smile
  7. And He makes me smile
  8. And because I bought it on Clearance at a Halloween store for $7

We went to a Halloween carnival at Mike's school. We were too late for the trick-0r-treating, but Miles didn't care. He discovered the balloons, and was in heaven.

Abbie the pirate, Miles the golfer, and Sophie the angel aren't exactly keen on standing still these days. This is about as good as it gets photography wise, when you're working with 3 one year olds.

After the carnival we went to dinner with our friends, and then just went home. We took Miles to the neighbors to show him off a little, where he received his first, and only, halloween treat.
A Tangerine dum-dum

He ate it all. And then he ate part of the paper stick it came on.

If anyone sees a two-year-old sized golfer costume for next year, let me know. :)
And tomorrow? We'll catch up on Traditional Fall Activities

Just sending out a big cyber "fist-bump" to my man Obama.

Here's looking forward to the next 4 years.