Friday, August 7, 2009

After 3+ years of weighing his options, saving, and searching high and low, my dad finally did it! He went and bought himself one of these sweet rides.

I was a little hurt he bought this mean machine the day AFTER I left from my 3 week stay. (you know, as oppossed to the day BEFORE I got there.)
But, in the spirit of forgiveness, I have taken it upon myself to find the perfect name.
I already tried "My daughter moved to Michigan and the only thing that would mend my broken heart was to buy this kick ass boat."
But it won't fit on the hull. :)
So, I have come up with a few OTHER options that are more length appropriate. Check out the poll over on my side bar and let me know what YOU think!
(New suggestions are also always appreciated.)


  1. Oh how I have missed your wit! I am glad you had a great trip! Your hair, once again looks great!

  2. Wow!! I want a ride. Hey I wish I would have known you were around. I would've loved to have seen you. Congrats on the new home too it is super cute. I wish you the best. Love Nik

  3. Your dads new boat makes poor Uncle Bob's old used one, look like it needs to be retired. Hope your dad enjoys it! He deserves to have some fun.

  4. You must have done your job. That is too bad he didn't buy it so that you could enjoy it. But maybe that was his way of getting you to come back and visit sooner!

  5. Wow! Big boat! I want to ride in it! lol love kenzie