Monday, July 9, 2007

not a lot to say

Well, things sure have slowed down at my hosue since Mike left. One thing is for sure.....I am B-O-R-E-D!! I spent all day Saturday cleaning the house. Now, it definitely needed to be done. But it wasn't the most fun I have ever had on a Saturday. I vacuumed the house top to bottom, dusted, swept and mopped, cleaned all my windows inside and out (yes in the 115 degree heat), washed the screens, dusted the blinds, swept the front and back porch, got all the cobwebs off well....pretty much EVERYTHING, mowed the lawn, adjusted the sprinklers, caught up on the laundry (including all the towels, rags, area rugs, and sheets on the beds) and filed a huge stack of paperwork that has been pilling up. Whew!

So, now that I finished all my chores on Saturday, I don't have anything left to do. I should have been a little smarter about this and spread them out. I have a lot of scrapbooking and "fun things" I could catch up on. But isn't it funny that I am always saying I just don't have time to do things like that, and when I do have time, I'm not really "in the mood" to be all crafty. hmmm. Maybe its like my chores. If is just get started, I'll get the scrapbooking bug, and want to finish. Alright, I'm going to give it a try. I"ll post my creations later if it works out.

Oh, and sorry no pictures. Maybe next time!


  1. Rachel is right it is called nesting:) I found that when Rhett is gone my favorite thing to do is get some chick flicks and a thing of cookie dough and sit and watch movies all night and eat the cookie dough. I don't have to listen to Rhett complaining about the movies and it makes the night go faster. At least that will be one night! I am so glad that you started a blog I missed being in your life and eventhough I am only in your life through the computers I will take it!

  2. Rachel were is your blog?!?

  3. Oh, nesting, schmesting. I think its actually called, Sarah hasn't done a dang thing since MIke's been gone because, well...she doesn't have to! But I am enjoying the cleanliness. And cookie dough sounds GOOD!!! I think I may have to do that tonight!

  4. i don't think my life is interesting enough to have my own blog, though I have thought of writing down all the crazy things my patients say to me, like "I'll never forget you Rebecca". :)

  5. Rachel my life is not interesting enough, but I compromise by putting things up about my cats. You can put things up about Moca and your cat (sorry forgot her name)! Then you can end every blog with a funny statement from your patients.

  6. haha. I'll never forget you either, Rebecca.

    That was hilarious! I think its my favorite "patient story". You really should write these things down. blog! blog! blog!

  7. Blog! Blog! Blog! I'll keep it going until you do it, Rebecca. I'll never forget that one time we did stuff.

    When I was pregnant my thing was closets. Every closet or storage space or under the sink spot was pristine. Organized into identical containers and pretty and everything. Sometimes I was too tired to reach across the table for a glass of water, but I'd still get up and get to work on my closets.

  8. sarah i love your scrapbook pages. they are awesome. i would love to see all of them when you are done or as you keep progressing. and you have such a tiny little belly how cute.
    well i'm dumb on the whole internet thing and stumbled across your blog, let me know how to get to it all the time.
    well i must go i'm in lusk wyoming living it up white trash style in my trailer house along the highway with my baby while my husband does construction all day long. it's great but redden wants to take a nap. love ya keep me posted.
    sara o