Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ch ch ch ch changin...

It's official....I'm under construction

I don't know about you, but things have been feeling a little "stuffy" for me lately. As in, I need to open a window, take a deep breath, and let the fresh air swirl around my lungs (and life), taking with it all that is stagnant and in need of renewal. And when I get that feeling, that...I need to "shake things up" kind of a feeling, nothing can stop me.

I never felt the need to "nest" during my pregnancy. Actually, the opposite was true. I had absolutely NO desire to do anything but eat, sleep, and gestate. Now the gestating has been replaced with a new baby, a new routine, visitors and vacations, school, work, and sleepless nights. (Okay...not THAT sleepless. I swear I have the best baby EVER!)

In any case, my lack of nesting and detailed attention to life the past few months has finally caught up with me, and it can only be remedied by a total makeover. I'm replacing my cravings for mexican food and chocolate chip cookies with something new entirely. I'm craving structure. I'm craving order. I'm craving organization, and cleanliness, and all that mixed with a little need to create, to write, and re-invent. The past four weeks I have been hard at work recovering, visiting with family, figuring out my new routine as a mother of two, and brainstorming fabulous plans I wanted to implement when I was feeling up to it.

And By Golly friends...that time is now.

So please pardon my dust as I shake things up a little bit. I could not be more excited about my new blog design (slowly...VERY slowly being implemented), my new weekly features and giveaways, organization projects and pinterest challenges, sharing my weekly menus and recipes, opening the blog up to sponsors, and all my craft and household projects I have on my "to do".



I'm takin it a little slow at first. I am still getting my "sea legs" after all.

But change, she is a comin'.

Anyone else have any big plans to make changes and get organized?? Do share!

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