Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Add Lion Tamer to my list of job requirements

Today, my little man is 9 months old.

My sweet, crazy, funny, Smiley Miley

And since he is now 9 months, I figured I should write his 8 months "summary."

at 8 months he was: 15 pounds 8 ounces

  • He perfected his army crawl
  • He perfected his "regular" crawl
  • He learned how to pull himself up to a standing position (which resulted in his crib being lowered to the lowest position)
  • And he learned how to get himself into a sitting position
  • He got his first tooth. (Actually, his first TWO teeth) both bottom front ones
  • He said his first word, "da-da". Despite the HOURS I have spent whispering mama into his ear
  • He started having formula and eating all kinds of yummy finger foods, like cheerios, yogurt bites, and fruit and vegetable puffs
  • He learned how to get these yummy treats into his mouth all by himself
  • And then he ate his first bug right off the kitchen floor (see my previous post)
  • And he has learned how to throw a pretty good tantrum, and cry in just a way that mom feels bad and gives him whatever he wants. What a smart little bugger!
  • Tasted his first ice cream. Ofcourse he loves it.
  • And he got his first haircut. (performed by Grandma Atkinson) Mike wasn't very happy about it. But don't worry. He still has PLENTY!!

That's a lot in just 4 weeks! Miles is definitely developing his little personality. Here are a few things about him at 8 months.

He prefers army crawling to regular crawling, but only pushes off with his right foot

  • Loves kicking and kicking and kicking his legs. (Maybe we have the next Michael Phelps on our hands?)
  • Loves his Baby Einstein First Signs dvd. We watch it everyday.
    Favorite Book: Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton
  • Favorite Song: Mom singing "I've been working on the railroad"
  • Loves chasing after electrical cords and remote controls. I can't keep him away from them.
  • Hates being held "like a baby", in a cuddly position. If he lets you hold him at all, he wants to be facing out and looking at his world. But he really prefers to be exploring.
  • Doesn't like going down for naps, or going to sleep. He tries to fight it, and usually cries for about oh...30 seconds before he just gets too comfy and falls right to sleep.
  • Sleeps about 12 hours at night. He usually doesn't wake up

But if I had to describe Miles in only one word, it would be HAPPY! I probably don't deserve how good he is. He is just happy and smiley all day long. And that makes ME smile all day long.

And NOW...Miles is working on cute new things I can record for nine months. At nine months, Miles now likes growl like a lion. Atleast thats what I think he sounds like. He started doing this today. It just doesn't get any cuter than this.


  1. Wow sarah! i can't believe he's 9 months. It flys by, doesn't it. I can't believe Tim is 8. Everything your talking about i remember doing with him. . . I can't believe it was so long ago. Again, just a beautiful beautiful baby. I'm glad you are so happy and enjoying every minute!

  2. So stinkin cute! He is such a climber! Can't wait for you guys to come and stay in August. You need to start whispering "Rachel" into his ear!

  3. I can't believe how much he has changed and grown just since we saw him. He looks like he is getting more and more active everyday.