Sunday, July 6, 2008

We only eat Gourmet Delicacies at our house

One major negative aspect to living in a climate where temperatures soar above 100 degrees (well, besides the temperatures themselves) is all the little warm weather loving creepy crawlies that seem to be in abundance around my house lately. These buggies are, I think, smarter than most people give them credit for. You see, while they love warm temperatures, they want to get out of the HOT temperatures, just like everthing else. They do this by finding any crack, hole or opening and sneak their way into MY lovely air-conditioned home.

We do our best to keep these pests under control. Our HOA pays for a company to spray twice a year. And we spray outside and inside ourselves a few times a year. This helps. But some creepy crawlies still manage to get in. Usually the fly swatter takes care of these. Even still, some extra sneaky buggies sneak past us. Today was one of those days.

I have officially become a baby wrangler around here. (In addition to bug zapper.) Miles just can NOT hold still. He is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on anything he can get his hands on, and simply REFUSES to be held, or contained in any manner. This also almost always includes being put in his baby jumper he LOVED only a couple weeks ago. At the same time, he has also learned how to throw a pretty good tantrum. These tantrums generally occur when he feels his new found freedom is being infringed upon (as in being placed in the baby jumper, crib, pack-n-play, highchair, or even being held.) And did I mention I'm also a push over? As a result, Miles enjoys free reign of the house. He gets to crawl all over the place. We don't have stairs, and everything has been appropriately baby proofed, so I just let him go, and go, and go. He's happy, I'm happy.

He has also figured out how to pick little things up and put them in his mouth. Usually these little things consist of cheerios or vegetable puffs, or other baby appropriate munchies. But he found a new treat.

I was putting things away from our trip to Utah this afternoon. I came into the living room and noticed Miles was just chomping away. Chomp Chomp Chomp....perfectly happy he had found such a yummy treat. I hadn't given him any snacks. Afraid he had found some kind of choking hazard accidentally left out, I rushed over to investigate. And What did I see????

Two perfect little cricket legs sticking out of my baby's mouth.
Yes. That's right. Miles found a cricket that had somehow made it past me. I'm assuming it was already dead when he found it. I started yelling: "Oh NOOOOO! Don't eat that! Yuck! Spit that OOUUUUTTTTT!" I tried getting it out of his mouth, but Miles' jaws were shut tight! He was not about to let the snack he had found all by himself get away.

Mike had to help me get the half chewed cricket out of his slobbery mouth. It was a fight I tell you. We finally had to pinch Miles' nose to get him to open his mouth. And once the cricket was removed......we had a tantrum on our hands.

Lovely. My only consolation is that somewhere, in some foreign land or third world country, crickets are probably considered a delicacy. And as I'm quite sure this won't be the last "delicacy" Miles finds around our house, next time I'll try to get a picture.


  1. Ick!! Seriously, my kids won't eat my fabulous dinner I just made, but seth will come in his mouth full of dirt. WHy???

  2. It's amazing that kids survive babyhood let alone childhood. I guess that a few bugs won't harm them although it is very traumatic for a mom to deal with.

  3. At least it was just a cricket, it could have been some lovely chocolate instead!

  4. Oooh boy, what will he get his hands on next??? I've heard they taste like chicken if it makes you feel any better!