Sunday, September 7, 2008

For Daddy, who we miss and love

Hi Dad. I told mom to post these cute pictures of me so you wouldn't miss me so much. Don't worry....she hasn't cut my hair yet, even though I look like a ragamuffin, and really really need a little trim.

this is me and Grandma enjoying the warm weather in St. George. She took me for a ride on Grandpa's golf cart, and I fell right to sleep.

Just hanging out with Grandma Great. She is funny and makes me laugh.

Just lookin super cute in my stroller and sun hat. Thanks mom for keeping me in the shade!

I went to the zoo! My favorite part was the bird show. I tried to find the lions, but they were all sleeping in the grass.

At Bear Lake. It was so cold! You can't tell from the picture, but this was the first time all day mom let me out of my sweatshirt. And it was right before we left.

And THIS is my new cheese face I love flashing any chance I get.
Everyone still calls me Smiley Miley.....but sometimes I like trick mom and do exactly the opposite.

But don't worry....I always go back to Smiley Miley.

And I just thought you should know my new favorite thing to do is climb into the bath tub and play with my bath toys. Don't worry...there's no water. But mom lets me play and play in the morning while she is getting ready. She calls it a "win-win". Whatever that means.

Okay Dad....I hoped you liked my pictures. I miss you and so does mom, and we can't wait to see you in a few more weeks. Love ya!


  1. Miles is so cute! I love those pictures. Hope you are doing well. We can't wait to get together when you get back.

  2. Thanks for the long-awaited pictures. I can see that there may be some work to be done when I see you flowery girl sunshade hat. Miss you much

  3. He is so cute! I didn't know you were in Evanston. Sorry. Although we were there less than 24hrs. If your hubby interviews around Tulsa, come see us! I would LOVE it! I'll show you everywhere and convince you that Tulsa is the place where you belong. I really like it here.

  4. We love little Miles! His hair just keeps getting cuter! I think you should cut into a mohawk, and suprise Mike!!!!!

  5. Oh my he's getting cuter ever time i see him. I don't know if you know but we moved to Vegas. Hey if you are still in St George, maybe on your way back through Vegas we should hook up. we are in Henderson and really like it. So sad to have left all of our frineds in Phoenix but change is part of life i guess... Take care.

  6. Just thought I would tell you what Owen said this morning, out of the blue. "I sure hope Mike is doing good at Dallas!" It was so cute. He really likes tall Mike. :)

  7. Hello Sarah, of course Mark and I remember you! The Kelly family is a huge Sarah fan! I have to say that your Miles is too cute. How funny that we both have a Miles now, it's not that common of a name. Thus one of the reasons we loved it.

    You make the cutest baby goods! I know Mandy loves the blanket that you made for her! Way to go selling on etsy, I love the things you can find there!

    Keep in touch!

  8. Just had to let you know the other day when you stopped in the store and took Miles, my Mom called me not long after you left to brag to me that she not only go to see Miles, but got to hold him.

  9. Seriously, sister. Update your blog. What am I supposed to do at work?