Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chicks Dig It

It's Been Awhile.

A Long While.

And Now I'm Back.

I have MANY MANY pictures and stories to share.

But we'll start with this.

We went to an amazing park in Anthem this weekend with our friends the Tranchells and the Jensens. And, it just so happens that the Jensen's little girl is 3 weeks older than Miles, and the Tranchell's little girl is 3 weeks younger than Miles.

We brought the Lightning McQueen car we bought Miles for his Birthday. (No...it hasn't technically happened yet. But we had a party. More on that later)

And THIS is what happened when he started riding it around.

Apparrently....when it comes to cute guys and hot cars....at any age.....Chicks Dig It!

You can tell, Miles is loving it. Oh brother......I'm in trouble.

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