Monday, January 12, 2009


One of the greatest things about Phoenix during the winter months is the weather. The other day Rachel called to inform me she was THROUGH with Logan. Through with the cold, and the snow and ice. She is in Desperate need of some warmth. And that's just what she'll get when she comes to visit. She was hoping for a little pool time. And though it won't be quite warm enough for THAT until March, we can fill up her schedule with all sorts of other things.

Like, going to the Phoenix Zoo!

And that's what our little family did last weekend.

I love our zoo membership for the simple fact that we can go whenever the mood strikes, stay for an hour (or two), and then go home. It's the perfect afternoon outing.

And Miles LOVES it!

This time he:

Played in the "bird world" tree, and kept trying to dive out the peep hole

Got shoulder rides from dad. One of his favorite things.

Splashed in the water at Sting Ray Bay.

(FYI: This is why dad rarely holds the camera. Generally, I don't love pictures of our backends.)

Touched the slippery Sting Rays

And the best part....Monkeys of course! Miles could not take his eyes off them.

A very fun day, er......couple of hours for everyone.


  1. I wished we lived somewhere where I could take Tanessa. Love the pictures even the one of the backsides.

  2. Your Zoo pics are so cute! Sorry we didn't make it. Looks like you had a great time!