Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I haven't visited blog land for a little while. I know. My mom called yesterday because she hadn't talked to me in awhile, and wanted to make sure everything was OK. And everything is.

We've just been busy.

In keeping with my "be a little better" motto for 2009, I have been spending my days rolling on the floor with my little boy, becoming a professional lego builder, collecting rocks at the park, and giving many a horsey ride. (those are exhausting!) And doing all things "mommy."

There haven't been many of these lately....

(on a side note.....Yes, Miles is sleeping on the dog bed. That's what happens when Mom is sooo tired she accidentally falls asleep on the couch, completely missing a certain someone's naptime. So, the equally tired little dude falls asleep the only place he can.) yeah....just call me
Mother of the Year!

And the lack of naps has done a number on my little boy. Last week, I kissed my Smiley Miley goodnight. And the next morning, I woke up with a "whiney Miley" instead. I AM NOT KIDDING! Who knew the terrible twos actually started at 15 months?
Not Me.
And ofcourse....This doesn't help....

There are 6 new teeth on the way. Yes. Six. 2 bottom incisors, 2 top molars, and 2 bottom molars. Poor Guy.

Oh....and he's learned how to do this...

Really. Go ahead and ask him to eat his lunch. Or help put the toys away. Or sit down in the tub. I dare you. THEN....try to keep yourself from laughing out loud when he wiggles that little pink tongue in your direction. I DOUBLE dare you.

There is one thing, I have discovered, that will keep the smile on this little boys face.

The park.

Just our little neighborhood park. Nothin Fancy. But he would spend all day there if I would let him.

And what, do you ask yourselves, happens when I say it's time to leave????

A Meltdown
Wanna see for yourself? Just scroll down to see the video. Atleast the first 10 seconds of it. That's all I could get before he tried to tip the stroller over while he was buckled in it.
I am hoping his new found attitude will subside at least a little when all the teeth are in, and he is feeling a little better.
If not....this is going to be a VERY LONG couple of years!


  1. oh i hear you! owen has been throwing tantrums lately and i am about to lose my mind! good luck and let me know if you figure out the secrets...

  2. Kids are tiring aren't they? But what a sad a depressing world without them!

  3. Little miles has teeth? My how he's growing! I like the video from your new camera, pretty neat! We need round 2 of ravin rabbits, the wii game. The Romer's household is much more complete when you guys are there! We miss you!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I found your blog a while ago through blog surfing and have been following your cute family. That little Miles is adorable, you are such a fun little mommy. Tantrums are no fun, I have a 3 year old little girl and an 18 mo. old little boy and with my little girl 18 months - 3 years was "Terrible Twos". I hope thats not your case... my little guy is just starting with his fits but they are really not too bad. Good luck I will be checking in on ya!

    Nicole (Cox) Martin

  5. I love your dog bed picture. I've got one of Landon. . . about that age too, sleeping on Toby's dog bed. He loved it so much I ended up having to make him one just like it. :)