Thursday, May 21, 2009


Home from our trip to the D-Rock.

That's what the street folks call it.

Atleast that's what I've heard.

And I am happy to report a few things:

FIRST - We are not living in Detroit. I felt I needed to clarify. We are living in a quaint, family friendly, beautiful little suburb right on the river. Wyandotte is its name. And because I'm feeling extra nice today, I'll help you pronounce said town correctly. All together now........."Wine-dot"

SECOND - It really is beautiful there. My heart feels all a flutter just thinking of leaving behind my boring and dusty rocks in the back yard, and my beige house in my beige neighborhood for green, green, green. Green trees, green grass, and the river is mostly green too. (You prolly wouldn't want to swim in it.)

And THIRDLY , if thirdly is an actual word.....

I am happy to report we have found our new abode

An adorable and super small 1920s Bungalow, complete with 3 bedrooms, a big front porch, 2 car garage, and a great fenced back-yard. I love it.

And it's only 3 minutes from the hospital. Mike loves that.

I actually think I might be ready for this. To haul my family across the country and start a new life there.

Here I come Michigan,

my new Home Sweet Home!


  1. It looks a lot like Grandma Stocking's house that Kevin and Susan lived in when they first got married and moved to Evanston and the house that Uncle Bob grew up in.

  2. I love it, & am so excited for you, but I must say I am also very depressed!!!! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITHOUT YOU GUYS! This is so sad.

  3. I love bungalows. As I look at your house I can pretend that you're here in Utah and that we're just too busy with all the things going on to get together. That way it doesn't feel like you're thousands of miles away.

  4. How exciting! I love green too- won't it be nice to let little Miles play in soft grass! I'm so jealous of your yard. We live in a condo, and have no yard-just "community property" that we'll enjoy, but it's just not the same. Good luck selling your home and getting settled in Michigan.

    P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE and use every day my diapes and wipes pouch you made me. It is the best thing!!! Thanks again! Are you going to continue your business stuff?