Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My little sailor

Pardon me as I back up a bit, if you consider a month only a bit. But in all the changes and all the chaos going on for our family, we actually had some pretty good times.

I was recently reminded of them when I finally downloaded pictures from all three of my very full memory cards. Over 800 pictures later, and many, many (too many to count) hours spent organizing and backing them up (in triplicate mind you!), and I can't help but share a few of our happy moments with you.

I hope you will enjoy viewing all my back-dated posts as much as I did living them.

May 14, 2009:

Just call us CRAZY...but we decided to brave the cold water, cloudy skies, and bazillions of mosquitos to take the boat for a spin at Willard Bay in Utah. Miles was brave and put his feet in the freezing water. I was forced to pull them out when they started turning blue.

Mike was even braver and jumped in to go wake-boarding. He had a good 15 minute run before his shivering and quivering brought him back to the boat.And we discovered Miles' inner pirate. He's a Captain of the Sea. We're still working on the "Ahoy Matey", but he's a pro at steering the ship.

Did you know it's much easier to Captain a ship if you aren't wearing any pants? Either did I. But Miles insisted.
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  1. Miles looks so cute in those pictures! We miss you guys so much. This last weekend was so boring without our friends. Hope you are doing well in Michigan!

  2. I always thought it would be better to drive a boat with no pants on, however, I was never brave enough to try it. Tell Miles thanks for testing it out for me! I can't believe how big he is. I hope the move went well.

  3. Too cute! Looks like fun, I can't wait for more pictures! We miss you. We need to get together soon.

  4. Oh he is a cute captain! And way to go Mike- what a brave guy to stick even a toe in that cold water!!!