Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Grandma:
Even though we haven't posted any photographic proof
We have been having lots of fun!
Your little boy isn't so little anymore, and will be TWO next month. Just ask him, and he'll tell you.
We have singing time everday, and he is a PRO at "The Wiseman Built his House Upon the Rock." He can slam that "rock" down on his flat palm, and scrunches his fingers when "the rain comes tumbling down." I'll try to get video
But our newest adventure is this:

Fingerpaints at the dollar store fill almost a full hour of fun on rainy days when we can't go outside. He doesn't like his fingers to be "messy," so he usually just uses one finger.
We love you and miss you, and will post more pictures and video of all the cute things I do soon.
Buh-Buh, Nana.....
Love Miles
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  1. So cute! Can you believe that two years have already gone by? It is amazing how fast they grow! You won't believe how fast Miles will be off to school. It is very bittersweet, this growing up thing. I wish I could just freeze time...........well, sometimes!

  2. Aunt Rachel needs pictures and videos, too! Remember our trade....a baby bump picture for video of Miles!

  3. He is really cute! What a fun mom to let him finger paint, I don't even dare try that one with Sophie, I know it will be on the walls and all over the hardwood floor. We miss you and hope to get together sometime soon!