Saturday, September 12, 2009


Not at our house. At least not for my Miles.
Here he is. With his prized posessions and comfort items. All of which are an absolute necessity before getting out of bed in the morning. There are 4 balls (2 tennis, 1 football, and 1 small basketball), 1 large stick horse, 1 small knit horse, 3 bears, a "woof woof", 2 books, a plastic golf bag, a stuffed dolphin, and 7....yes SEVEN blankets.
This is our morning ritual.
  1. Mom wakes up, hears Miles throwing things in his room
  2. Mom goes into Miles' room only to find everything he insisted on sleeping with last night is no longer in the crib but strewn about the entire room
  3. Mom tries to put the toys away, but gives up when the disappearance of any of his beloveds gives rise to tears and the saddest little face you have ever seen
  4. Miles makes no less than 4 trips, hauling everything he owns into the living room where he watches his "GRRRRRRRRRs" while mom makes breakfast. (And in case you don't speek Milesese, GRRRRRRs are dinosaurs, as in Ice Age 3)
  5. More tears when the little guy has to eat his breakfast at the table, (Mom insists) and must leave his prized posessions behind
  6. Happy boy again when they are finally reunited

And that is how I spend my day.

Hauling toys from room to room, to outside and back. Putting them in the crib for naptime and picking them up after naptime. Our lives revolve around those darn things.

Miles Birthday is in one month. I'll bet you can guess what he WON'T be receiving.

Here's a hint......It rhymes with "Annoy"

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  1. What an awesome mom you are to lug that around for him all day!

  2. You forgot about the ever present sippy cup!

  3. Wait till you have two, and they want to haul everything everywhere you go! Good times!!!

  4. How cute! I love how stubborn they already are! He is getting so big, it makes me sad! I had a dream last night about Miles. Strange huh?