Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Woody's Roundup

Halloween 2009

1 little boy dressed as Woody + 2 biker parents + tattoo sleeves = a whole lot of fun!

It was a chilly evening, but the neighborhood kids were out in full force asking for treats or promising tricks door to door.

Or maybe I should say driveway to driveway.

Michiganders commune on their driveways surrounded by fire pits, barbeques, ghostly decorations and lots and lots of candy. Yeah....we're cool like that. Just one more reason you should move to Michigan.

I started weeks ago teaching Miles to say "Trick or Treat". He learned "Treat, Treat!" But that seemed to work too. Starting around 3:00 in the afternoon, he stood by the screen door, looked longingly outside saying, "Treat Treat, Please!" and "Go Treat Treat!" We headed out around 5:30, and I don't think I saw a more excited child out there.

The home-made Woody costume + one cute little boy + "TREAT TREAT!", followed up with a "DANK UUUUUUU, BUH-BUH" = a WHOLE LOT OF CANDY! He won over the candy passer outers faster than you can say All Hallowes Eve.

And I can't understand why...........

Nah. Of course I can understand why!

Our evening was a complete success. And I have been enjoying the candy ever since.

P.S. I have an announcement. Which I will be making tomorrow. On a rather "special" day, if you ask me. And there might even be something in it for you! Stay Tuned......

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  1. Oh Oh... do I get bonus points if I know what the special day is... even after ALL of these years?!? Happy Early Birthday! =P

    Becki Reynolds McFarland

  2. What no boots on that cowboy, aren't you from Wyoming? I don't think Jordan's qualify!! However he is still very cute and I would have given him alot of candy!

  3. Your little guy is ADORABLE!! His personality reminds me so much of my Trey. Boys are hilarious. He sounds like he has such a cute personality. I hope you are doing good in Michigan. It sounds like you really like it. Hope you had a very happy birthday. Can you believe we're almost 30. The years go by so fast.