Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who knew THAT could be so astounding

We have reached an important Milestone. And when I say "We", I really mean Miles. But a victory for him is a victory for us all.

A few weeks ago we bought a potty chair. And when I say "We", I really mean "I". It was an experiment on Miles' interest level. And I think its safe to say his interest was about a big fat ZERO. And when I say ZERO, I mean if you asked Miles if he wanted to sit on the potty he would start screaming "NO NO NO!!" and then run in the other direction.

But lucky for me Miles is curious. About everything. And independent to boot. And it didn't take long before he realized what that chair was for. We graduated from screaming "no", to saying, "umm, yeah!" And now we have graduated from just "sitting", to actually "doing." (If you get my drift)

And if you don't (get my drift, I mean), I'll just spell it out for you

Miles Used the Potty All By Himself!!
(And I haven't laughed so hard in my entire life)

Why? Why was it sooooo unbelievably funny I had to call my husband, my mom, and my sister immediately to tell them all about it? Well, I will tell you too.

The morning went a little something like this:

I asked Miles "Do you need to go use the potty?"

Miles: "um, Yeah!!!" That is how he always responds. Not just "yeah", but "ummm, yeah." Every time. That detail isn't a pivotal part to the story. Just an interesting fact.

We run to the bathroom, Miles rips off his diaper and sits right down. And in about two seconds realizes something is going on down there. So he does what anyone (and when I say "anyone", I mean "any boy") would do and looks down to see what is happening.

Then, at that moment, a look of wonder and sheer amazement came across his angel face. His eyes got big, his mouth widened to make a big "O". And he said simply..."WOAH!!!!!"

When it was all over, his look of amazement turned distraught and he cried out "More! More! More!" And he sat on that potty chair, straining so hard his little face shook and turned the color of a ripe maraschino cherry, until he managed to squeeze out a few more drops.

He clapped, I cheered, he wiped, and then he threw his fist into the air exultantly and cried out "YESSSSS!" And with that, he ran his little naked bum out of that room and into his bedroom to play with his legos.

And THAT, my friends is why I laughed so hard. And why I love being a mom.
Oh my, my, my. That Miles of mine.

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  1. That is so funny! He is just full of surprises. Now if he could come to my house and teach my little pepper! We are not getting anywhere!

  2. P.S That comment was not left by lennard, I guess he logged onto blogger? It was from Amber