Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It’s my potty and I’ll poop where I want to

013 Sorting through some old memory cards and organizing pictures today. I stumbled across this old photo taken when we were visiting Mike’s dad down at Bryce Canyon. I think Miles was about 6 months old (or so). Oh how I miss those little chubber cheeks and so soft and fine you can’t do anything with it baby hair. What did I ever do to deserve such a wonderful little family???

But now my little boy is growing up.



But it’s okay. Really, it is. Because this boy is hilarious. Seriously, he cracks me up.

Take yesterday for instance.

Miles has been working on potty training, and is doing really well. He has completely figured out that he isn’t supposed to go potty in his undies. So yesterday (while he was in timeout) the urge struck. And knowing he isn’t allowed to get off the naughty chair until he has served his time, and knowing he isn’t supposed to do his business in his pull-ups, he did the only logical thing. Stripped down, stood up on the chair, and peed off the side into the corner of my dining room.


And OH, he was so proud of himself. He kept saying, “Mom…no pee pee undies! Yah!” Complete with a jubilant fist pump into the air. Now, how could I not laugh about that?

But wait, there’s more…..

One of the hardest things about potty training (I think) is getting your child to come inside to go potty even when they are having a great time playing outside. But Miles has already worked out a solution to this dilemma.

Like when he waddled inside yesterday, pants around his ankles, bare bum exposed, exclaiming “poop, poop, poop”! I thought he must have had an accident. But his pull-ups were perfectly dry and perfectly clean. I was confused, until Miles grabbed my hand and marched me outside to show me his accomplishment. He lead me outside to the sidewalk in front of our house where, with a gesture of his hand, proudly declared Mom, Look! I did it! Poop!!! And sure enough, he had.

Oh, the neighbors must have had a great laugh about that. I know I did. I figure at least its a step in the right direction. Apparently, I need to start focusing a little less on not “going” in our undies, and start emphasizing we ONLY go in the POTTY.

But it sure makes for some very entertaining afternoons. :)


  1. Too funny! Good work on the potty training, Sophie tells me all the time she doesn't want to ride the potty train and that she is "scared". I think my goal of not having 2 kids in diapers is not going to happen. We need to get together sometime soon, Livy gets out of school June 8th and then I will be way more flexible.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    YOU WON the photography class giveaway on our blog (sisters cafe) the class starts tomorrow--so email me at so that I can send BPS your email for registration. And this post cracked me up!! I have been potty training my youngest boy this last week! He has been my easiest out of my 5 boys--he was trained in 2 days--my oldest took a LONG time! Anyway--good luck!