Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holy Moly….a giveaway!!

So excited to be sponsoring a giveaway over at

(And just between you and me, you have a pretty darn GREAT chance of winning. Considering there are only 3 comments so far)

So……should you want to enter to win $50 worth of Just Bead It Design Product…I suggest you head on over there right now! There’s only 2 days left!

AND…if you visit my Etsy shop…you might just get a sneak peak at my new product line! (coming soon. Very Very soon.)

(okay…you got me. I couldn’t resist posting my sneak peak here too.)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hey, just found your blog link from my traffic stats page! Thanks again for doing this giveaway. Also, there are way more entries than just the few comments that show up, they have to submit the google doc form to enter. I don't have a number on total entries off the top of my head, but at last check there were prob close to 40 or so different people entered, with most of them using several of the extra entry chances too. I'll send you the google doc once it's over with so you can get an idea of what bands everyone liked best, etc.

  2. OK you have to call me and tell me how to enter. I think that I did but not sure.