Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu Monday – simple meals (and a couple repeats)

Back today with my weekly menu.  And before you judge me on its lameness…just know we had a rough week around these parts.  With a husband and a little boy both getting the stomach flu, and a Mommy who was sick (not the flu…just felt like it), several of our meals were “postponed” to this week.Nov 7-13

Links:  Spinach Quiche, Honey Lime Enchiladas, Rumbi Island Chicken

***It’s a busy week for us, so these meals are quick, easy, and crockpot friendly.  The Honey Lime Enchiladas are a freezer meal I made a few weeks ago.  SWEET!!!***

bonus for me:  I save $$$ on groceries

bonus for you:  well… there is no bonus.  You just get to see all my repeats.


But there is one thing that should make you happy.  Like, very very happy. 

I’m making spaghetti this week.  And OHHHHHH it is so good.

So good, in fact, that after I took my first trip as a teen to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Salt Lake City, I thought, “What’s the big deal???  My mom’s spaghetti is WAY better than this.”

Sorry OSF…But I still stand by that statement.


Behold…the oft requested Atkinson Family spaghetti sauce recipe.  You can thank me later.

spaghetti sauce & mastaccioliDownload HERE 


Happy Monday Everyone!!!

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  1. I like to add a little garlic when sauteeing the onions. It's yum-o!