Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Monday: Feb 6-Feb 12 2012

Am I the only one who feels like I go to bed Sunday night and wake up on Saturday morning???  My weeks seem to just FLY by these days.  But I scrounged up a bit of time to get my menu together.  (Thank you Super Bowl for giving me permission to sit on my duff and work on my computer for a few hours!)
A little news in the Romer household:  Jude might be allergic to dairy! :(  He has been getting rashes on his forehead and the crown of his head, so the pediatrician suggested I go “dairy free” for a couple weeks to see what happens.  Long story short: After some experimenting, I became convinced it was his baby shampoo causing the rashes.  So I went full-steam ahead eating anything that listed milk as an ingredient and discontinued using the shampoo. And now his rashes are back.  Boo.  Looks like it might be the dairy after all.
So for all you dairy loving foodies…I apologize in advance for my cheese-less menus.  Feel free to add as much cheese as you want.  I’m jealous.  But its for a good cause.  Hopefully only a few “dairy free” weeks will allow us to pinpoint what is really causing the problem.

02 Feb 6 - Feb 12

IMG_5532-e1326249816166 Quinoa, Avocado, & Grilled corn salad
quinoa, avocado salad
meatball minestroneI’m trying the Shrimp curry on the advice of my sweet sister.  She told me she wanted to “marry this curry”, so I am assuming it must be good.  :)  And a note about the meatballs…I never use 3 different kinds of meat.  I’m a turkey only kind of gal.

Anyone else have experience dealing with a dairy allergy?  Do you have any favorite “dairy free” recipes to share?  I’d love any tips…otherwise I’ll be eating these same dishes for weeks!!
Happy Monday!
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