Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Mom Knows… and other announcements

I know, I know…I’ve been promising an announcement.  And probably MOST of you are already aware…but just in case you haven’t heard…
It’s official:

I'm a writer

Yes, I’ve been writing on this ‘ole blog of mine for 4.5 years.  (WOW!!! 4.5 years???  Where has the time gone!?!?)
But now…I’m OFFICIAL!!!  I’m super excited about being asked to be a contributing writer for a great new website “A Mom Knows”.  It’s a new site dedicated to sharing “what moms know.”  (Which, in my opinion…is A LOT!  Ha!)  My first article was posted last Monday and what can I say??  I was PUMPED!!  There was just something about seeing my words posted on a real, bonafide website for the whole world to see that was SO SUPER FUN!  (Okay…maybe the whole world hasn’t seen it…but they COULD!  And I am up to about 2200 page views…which isn’t too shabby for a first time published article.)
Anywho…you may have noticed the new button on my sidebar.  I’ll be posting links to anything I write for A Mom Knows over there.  There’s only one so far, but I have several more in the works and can’t wait to get them finished. (Hopefully by the end of next week as well.)  I’ll be sharing my “One Little Word” for 2012, a tutorial on hanging an Art Gallery Wall, a video tutorial on making the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie,  (Honestly…they are to DIE for!!), making a children’s keepsake with Crayola air dry clay, and so much more!   You can bet I’ll post all about it here too.  Have I mentioned I’m excited about it????
Because of the new website gig, I’m getting lots more traffic to this little blog o’ mine…so I’m trying to spiffy it up a bit.  Hopefully it will all be finished by the end of next week.  (Which in “Sarah” time, really means the end of next month!)  The increased traffic has also prompted me to create a new Romer Family Ramblings facebook page JUST for blog related things.  I am hoping this will enable me to keep a little more separation between personal and blog “stuff”.  If you’d like to be notified on facebook when I post something new HERE, or about articles I write for A Mom Knows…just click my “facebook” tab at the top of my sidebar to be taken to the page.  (Or click on this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Romer-Family-Ramblings/343698455648312#!/pages/Romer-Family-Ramblings/343698455648312?sk=wall) “Like” the page, and you’ll receive all my updates.  

So there you have it!  A new gig, a new blog design, a new sidebar tab, a new facebook page… and a renewed desire to blog my little heart out!

Anyone else have any exciting “new”s?  I want to hear about it!

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  1. I have always enjoyed reading your blog! You have an excellent way with words on top of your amazing ideas, recipes, and fun stories! I'm so happy for you!