Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Camera Shy?

Miles has recently taken to LOVING his picture being taken. No complaints from me, because I love to take his picture. It's a win-win.

As soon as he sees you holding up anything even remotely resembling a camera, he gets all excited.

The routine is this: I hold up a camera ( or something that looks like a camera. Once I used post-it-notes, and got the same reaction.) Then I say 1-2-3- SMILE! He usually starts smiling by the time I reach -2-.

And because Mike is in Texas (for 2 whole months), and I am now in Wyoming (for 2 whole months), I thought he would probably want to see some new pictures of his cute little boy.

Miles also figured out, in the space of oh....about 5 to climb up the big curvy staircase in my parents' front room. But unfortunately, he didn't want to show off his new skills in front of the camera.
(And you may be asking yourself, "Why is Miles wearing his outside in the sun/swim hat inside? And why is it crooked like that?"
And my answer to you would be....Because I bust up laughing everytime I see him like that. That's why." :)


  1. What a cute boy! The swim hat, the "surf board" and a camera, what else does a boy need?????? Glad you are having fun.

  2. Miles is such a cute little guy. I hope you are having fun without dad. Owen is having some home sick days. We need our dad back! Lucky for us it won't be too much longer. We can't wait to see you!