Monday, August 11, 2008

Monthly Synopsis

Now 10 months old....and he just can't stand the excitement.

Monthly synopsis: Things Miles accomplished as a 9 month old. He has:
  • given up on his army crawl. ( I guess he figured out doing the regular crawl is faster)
  • Stands up and walks back and forth (while holding onto something for support)
  • Occassionally lets go of whatever he is holding onto, and can balance 5-7 seconds before falling down.
  • Understands the word "no". But loves pushing his limits. He will crawl somewhere he knows he's not suppossed to be, and then give me this "look", as if to say..."c'mon mom...come and get me. I dare ya!" And when he sees me coming, he crawls away in hyper speed, giggling the whole way.
  • learned to climb up stairs. (That took about 2 minutes at Grandma Atkinson's house). But doesn't know how to come back down.
  • was sick for the first time. Cousin Gabe came over on Aug. 5 with a runny nose, and the next day...Miles had it too. And by the 7th, the cold moved down into his lungs and gave him "croup". Even though he didn't feel well, he still tried so hard to be happy. He started antibiotics on the 8th, and began napping and sleeping right next to the humidifier. By the 10th, he was feeling a lot better. Thank goodness!
  • Loves reading books, and turning the pages all by himself.

We have also taught Miles a few new tricks this month. He has learned to:

  • Growl like a lion
  • Play pat-a-cake
  • Smile for pictures
  • Say "mama" (he says it now more than dada) :)
  • Give "high five"
  • Play Peek-a-boo
  • and do "so big"

And he has said "ruff" like a dog and "quack" like a duck....but only once, so I"m not sure if it really counts.

And I have been busy chasing him around everywhere. Why was I ever anxious for him to start crawling?!

I can't wait to see what new tricks he will learn at 1o months!


  1. Of course he is going to say mama more, his dad isn't around! Sounds like you have had a pretty busy month. And yeah, once they start crawling you wish they could sit still. And it gets worse when they start walking and running!

  2. I am so sorry Miles got sick. It is no fun to have sick kiddos. I am glad he is doing better, we miss you and are excited for you to come back, just in time for Miles' first birthday! Have fun and be safe.