Friday, November 7, 2008


Day 2:
Tolmachoff Farms

As promised, one of the fall activities I haven't mentioned was our visit to Tolmachoff Farms. It's the last hold-out from urbanization left in our area. This farm is literally right in the middle of a big housing development.

Miles did fun things with his friends Livy and Sophie Tranchell, like sliding in a train

There was a petting farm, and Miles wasn't too sure about it. But he warmed up to the animals.

Here he is psyching himself up...

ALMOST there....

And then horse tries to eat Miles' face.

He wasn't excited about the petting part of the petting zoo after that.

Mom, trying to show Miles that not all animals will eat your face.

Looking, and not touching Wilbur, here.

Just me and the little guy, mugging it up. We were just happy to be out of the darn corn maze.

Our friends, Livy, Nate, Sophie, and Tiffany Tranchell

Lost in the previously mentioned corn maze. We chose the "family" maze, thinking it would be easier. The object was to find the four mailboxes hidden in the maze. Each mailbox contained a picture of a portion of the maze. Once you collected all four pieces, you could find your way out.
Or So They Said!
It was suppossed to take around 30 minutes.
But what do those maze people know anyway? After finding mailbox 2,3, and 4, and walking around for nearly an hour to get #1, we gave up. Exited through the entrance, and never looked back.

Miles hitching a ride.

And it would only be fair if I mentioned the weather here when we went to the corn maze was almost too HOT! After almost 4 years here, I am still surprised when I feel too hot at the pumpkin farm, and when I call home for the week, my mom says it snowed.
I think I may actually miss this place when we leave next year.
and thanks again Tranchells, for one of many fun outings.
Tomorrow: Mourning, Crafts, and Babies


  1. Sarah,

    I love getting on your blog and watching your little guy grow and seeing all the amazing things you do. You truly are amazing! Just like in college.