Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving x2

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a good one here. So I thought I would share how we did it.

How to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for 2:

Before the big day:
1. Plan your menu. Go to the store. Remember....the freezer section is your friend.
2. Take the (frozen) items you bought and put them in your freezer at home.

On the big day:
3. Take out the Rhodes rolls to thaw
4. Bake Frozen Pumpkin pie
5. Bake frozen turkey breast (remember to remove frozen gravy packet first)
6. Bake now thawed rhodes rolls
7. Steam frozen vegetables
8. Pour Box of stuffing into boiling water. Wait for 5 minutes. Put in nice bowl.
9. Thaw frozen gravy that came with turkey.
10. Make home-made mashed potatoes.'s the least you could do.

Put everything on the table at Noon. Open your bottle of sparkeling cider and toast to a delicious meal, you hardly had to work to prepare. Oh yeah...and to family and blessings and stuff like that. :)

Eat food. You will probably be finished by 12:15

Throw away (okay...recycle) the one time use aluminum roasting pan, put your 2 plates and silverware in the dishwasher, put left over food in the fridge.

Then curl up on the couch, put on Shrek 2, and take a long and well deserved afternoon nap.

When you wake up, Eat your Pumpkin Pie.

Can you say...P-E-R-F-E-C-T??!!

I'd invite you, but dinner for 2+ might not be so easy. Unless, ofcourse, you bring all the food.


  1. I have to say after all the craziness here that your Thanksgiving sound glorious, peaceful, calm, serene & Quiet!!!!! (Sigh). Maybe next year!

  2. What a great idea Sara! It's all about making things easy, I need to be better at making things easy!sounds like you had fun, Miles looks so big, and his hair is so dark!

  3. Hi cute Sara - It's Annie and Cole (Miles friend via Aunt Rachel). I am really jealous that Miles will watch any movie. Cole just looks at me and screams. The picture of Mike and Miles is so cute! I laughed at your comment about Ed smiling. It is very true.

  4. Hey Sarah! I am so glad that you left your blog address. It is fun seeing your blog. Miles is seriously the cutest thing and Thanksgiving sounded so nice. We live so close, we really should meet up sometime before we all move. I think that Dave and Mike are both doing the same specialty? Take care. -Danielle