Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What a weekend! Our good friend Justin came to visit, and we packed our weekend schedule as full as we could. He was a good sport, and was pretty convincing when he told us he had a great time. Our weekend consisted of:

  1. Taking in a Suns Game. Mike left the camera in the car, but we were lucky enough to have our picture taken and posted on the Suns Fan website. Woohoo! Miles even dressed in the Suns Grey and Orange colors, and did GREAT at the game. He loved the noises, the people, and watching the players. The Suns won the game, and scored 140 points for the third time in a row.

2. Went to the zoo for an afternoon.

3. Woke up at 4:30 in the a.m to show our support for Mike who competed in a Dualathlon. This was the main reason Justin came to visit, and I was glad he was there. Waiting around for a couple hours for Mike to cross the finish line would have been pretty boring with only a teething toddler to talk to. And he didn't complain when Mike wanted to stick around an extra couple hours after the race for the raffle. But Mike did end up winning a couple pairs of socks...so it was totally worth it. (More info and pics coming soon. This event definitely deserves its own post.)

4. Checked out the new Cardinals Stadium, and the surrounding shopping area.

5. And spontaneously attended the PBR. (PBR = Professional Bull Riders, for you non-Wyomingites not into all things rodeo. Justin was surprised when I mentioned how much I love the PBR. Apparrently, PBR is also the name of cheap beer..Pap's Blue Ribbon. No wonder he was confused. :)

6. And finally, he and Mike went on a long mountain biking ride. (I am not ashamed to say I stayed home and took a nap.)

Thanks Justin for visiting us! It was so nice of you to come, and I know Mike was glad to have you here for his Dualathlon debut.

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