Friday, October 8, 2010

I’m Twee!

100510_0028 edited 2Oh, this boy of mine. I could just eat him up. I can’t hold him enough. I can’t hug him enough. I can’t kiss him enough. There are just not enough hours in the day.

It’s a pretty big day for my little man. But I’ll let him tell you himself.

100810_0008 edited

That’s right. My little munchkin is Three. And he’s pretty darn excited about it.100810_0003 edited

I am astounded at how much he has learned and progressed this year. Some days I wish I could stop the hands of the clock from tick tocking the time away. But mostly, I am trying to enjoy every single second of my time with this sweet as can be little boy. Because he won’t be little much longer.

I want to remember his silly knock knock jokes

I want to remember his “mean” face, when he exclaims “Mommy, we Pirates! ARGH!”


I never want to forget the way he exclaims “HI FWIEND!!”, to everyone we pass.

Sometimes I wish I could stop that clock. But mostly I feel so blessed to be sharing that time with this child of mine. I never dreamed he would teach me so much about life and love. I never dreamed it would be from him the Lord would teach me patience, charity, and selflessness.

If I could keep him here, just like this, forever, I don’t think I would. I love this stage of life we are enjoying together, but I am excited about the new experiences the future holds for him and for me. Because every year…It just keeps getting better.

Love you little man

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday Miles! I can't believe how fast this last three years have gone! Eat extra cake for us! We miss you!

  2. I am so glad he got his "hot dog and smiley face" for his birthday, too!
    He is such a cutie pie and we love him to pieces. Come back and visit soon! Aunt Rachel needs some squeezers!

  3. O Sarah, I cannot believe he's 3 already! Wow! Time goes by so fast! He's still the cutest little thing. Happy Birthday big guy!

  4. Happy Birthday Miles! We hope you had a great day and can't believe 3 years have gone by. We hope to see you soon!