Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Top 3

My Top 3 reasons I love garage sales:

3. I cleared out multiple closets full of junk

2. The people watching is SUPERB!

and the number one reason I love garage sales....

1. I made $350 smackeroos!!
And the top 3 things I learned during this garage sale:
3. People will buy anything for a dollar
2. Having a husband who speaks spanish is VERY handy
1. Having a husband who wants to sell everything you, (and everyone else owns) for $1 is not
I'm pretty sure there were times he offered to pay someone else to take an item off our hands.
But in the end, we were successful. And I still have 3 rooms and a 2 car garage to sift through. Anyone planning a visit in May? I'm sure I'll have many more $1 deals by then.


  1. Mike was killing me! I am still laughing about the walkman he sold for 2 dollars & then insisting on giving her new batteries after it was sold. I'm pretty sure you lost money on that one. Luckily he wasn't outside most of the time, otherwise we might be in trouble! It was definitely a fun day!

  2. Is Mike's Spanish as good as your favorite sisters? :) I am pretty sure I would bet he is much better...sorry Rach. Good luck with the move/drive with a toddler. Have you invested in a portable DVD yet? They are lifesavers!!I have one and would gladly ship it to you for your big road trip.