Friday, March 26, 2010


I was commissioned by my mother to take some pictures of two of her favorite boys while I was visiting.

I was reminded that:

1. Taking pictures of toddlers is not fun

2. #1 requires two things I am short on these days; time and patience

3. My photography skills are seriously lacking

4. I have COMPLETE respect for those people who CAN coax a smile out of my two year old AND capture it in an amazing picture

5. I will never join the ranks with those amazing people mentioned above

After about 30 minutes we called it a wrap.

And these were as good as it got.


Can you tell Miles was tired of hearing me ask him to say “cheese?”

Maybe next time I’ll plan ahead and try to get my talented friend to help me out.

Either that, or I’ll be smart enough to “Just Say No”.

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