Saturday, April 3, 2010

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!!

I like trying new things. I mean, I like trying to MAKE new things. I have an endless list of tutorials bookmarked on my computer just waiting for the day I fancy to give them a try. It has crossed my mind that perhaps I have Arts and Crafts ADD. Is there such a thing? I’m not sure.

My husband tires of my endless need to create something I couldn’t before. But I have to give him props, because he usually just goes along with it. He must have learned its just much easier this way.

So one project I have wanted to tackle for awhile now was learning how to crochet a newsboy cap for Miles. I scoped out patterns on Etsy, found one specifically labeled for “Beginners”, bought some yarn on sale at Michaels, and learned how to do a half double crochet stitch by watching You Tube. (Have I ever posted about my fondness of You Tube? No? Well, I will add that to my list of things to do.)

So I started off. The instructions said it would take me about 2 hours. ‘Cept I must be really slow. REALLY REALLY slow. Because it took me just over 4.

And the result……..was not so great. WAY too small. Packed it in my bag to give to my new nephew. Back to store to buy a larger hook and thicker yarn.

2nd Attempt: Increased the number of rows to make it large enough for Miles. Result: Not so great. I didn’t realize that the larger hook and yarn would ALREADY make the cap much larger. Add in my extra rows and well…..let’s just say it is now MY cap. And fits me perfectly.

3rd Attempt: Back to the original pattern, but using the larger hook and yarn. Was the third time the charm???

Well, not EXACTLY.

Miles crochet hat

But it was pretty close. Don’t analyze these pictures too closely, or you will see my many mistakes. I somehow lost count of my rows, so it is a couple rows too long. I also managed to “flip” my pattern half way through, which is why the top of the hat looks different. And the bill is a little wonky.

Miles crochet hat squishing ants

But it keeps little ears warm on brisk mornings outside when the agenda, apparently, is squishing ants.

Maybe the 4th time will be the charm. Anyone want a not so well made crochet cap???

Other projects on my immediate “to do” list:

1. Make the quilt kit I bought for Miles

2. Diaper and Wipes Case

3. Easter Tie

4. Magnetic Message Center (for home in Michigan)

5. Plant my first ever Vegetable Garden

6. And a few more “Baby Sets” for close friends.

7. Couch Pillows. (Don’t tell Mike. This is one project he WON’T go along with.) It’s going to be a surprise! :)

OOOOh…I am sure you can hardly wait!

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  1. It's ok! Keep trying! I have croshayed (k i know thats not how u spell it but i really don't care) or tryed to croshay a little blanket but it was to small for even a doll! so maybe we could croshay together and help each other!