Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Interruption and 3 stories

I interrupt my ruminations to share a little story. A sad story. And a sweet story. And then maybe, to make my sister laugh, a funny story.


My sister and her husband have a dog. Mocha. She is a large, (I mean large) chocolate lab with the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. I remember meeting her for the first time when she was a puppy. She could make a dog lover out of anyone.

Last night Mocha was outside jumping and barking at some of the neighbor dogs. All of a sudden the barking stopped and the yelping started. And their sweet dog dragged herself back into the house…because her back legs wouldn’t move.

They (Mocha’s parents) immediately called the emergency vet and took her in. They think that Mocha was jumping up in the backyard by the fence. By the fence where she has worn a compacted trail of snow. And that snow has been freezing and melting and freezing again. And it is now ice. So they think she was jumping up and when she was trying to land, slipped, and landed on her back.

The x-rays showed no broken bones. But they think the trauma has caused swelling and compression on her spinal cord. Ibuprofen and steroids might take the swelling down and give Mocha the use of her legs back. it might not. And if THAT is the case, (as in, the medicines don’t help) well……

So right now it’s a “wait and see”. So we’ll see. Poor Mocha. (and poor Ed and Rachel.)

Hang in there.


I was talking with my sister and Miles overheard me talking about Mocha and picked up that she was hurt. After I hung up the phone he asked me.

“Mommy…Mocha okay?”

“No, Mocha has an owie.”


“She slipped on the ice and hurt her back, and now she can’t run and jump and play.”

“Oh…Mommy…I know…Mocha needs a go a doctor.”

“Yes, they took her to a doctor. But sometimes doctors can’t fix all of the owies.”

“Oh…Mommy…I know! I haf a say a pwayer! yeah…I say a pwayer, then Mocha be happy.”

Oh my…he is just the sweetest little thing.

I love you Ed and Rachel and Mocha…


He is a sweet little bugger. (emphasis on the bugger.)

Yesterday we were playing in the living room and he knocked over our guitar hero guitar, and it landed sharply on the top of my foot. It HURT!! but I only cried a little. I “played it up” and pretended to be hurt.

Miles: “uh-oh…sorry mom. I kiss it better.”

Mom: Thanks, I feel better.

Miles: No mom, you need a doctor. I know!!! I a doctor! I go get my tools!

And this is how he returned…

001 003 copy

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words


…I exclaimed “ a saw??!! you’re going to saw my foot?!”

He thought about it. very mischievously. for about one whole minute. then said “Ok mom, but just for pretend.”

Gee. Thanks.

P.P.S. I almost peed my pants. It was THAT funny.


  1. I am slo glad he is going to say a pwayer and that he is only going to pretend to saw off your foot.
    Also...does your son ever wear pants? :)

  2. I hope that Mocha will be ok, I am sure that Miles prayer will do the trick! How sweet is he, well except for the sawing off your foot part! That could've gotten ugly! :)

  3. Well, I'm glad he thought it over and decided to just do it for pretend. Silly boy! Poor Mocha though.

  4. oh that child! he is just too much! how do you keep a straight face!


  5. Wow Sarah he is the most darling little thing ever!! I am sorry about Mocha that is SAD! :(