Friday, July 13, 2007


Well, I am starting to feel scrapbooking inspired! And I found that all I needed to do was go spend some $$ on new kits. Because ofcourse, then I had to USE them! :) I still needed a little help, so I admit, I "cheated" a little. I have been slowly working on an album for my college roommate. It sort of became a tradition when somone moved out and got married, I made them a scrapbook to commemorate our good times. She got married, and I have been working on this since, oh.....February! (technically I have a year to give it to her, right?) Anyway, I figured a little "help" was in order. So I bought some cute quickpages to help me get my mojo back.

The above page is from our roommate cruise to the West Caribbean. We are on the deck and pulling out of the Miami Port.

For anyone who may not know, quickpages are scrapbook pages that are pretty much already created. All you have to do is drop in your pictures. (which is why I say I cheated a little). :) But Hallelujiah for these things! It is definitely helping me catch the scrapbook bug again. And helping me to knock out several pages very quickly. At this point I need all the help I can get. Besides, she'll never know, right?

I am still making some small changes to each of the quickpages. For instance, I didn't like what the pink and green tags originally said, so I "erased" the words, and added my own, etc. I also bought the kits that coordinate with the quickpages, so I can go in and add more elements later if I want to.

This album is for Janeal, my cute blonde friend in the picture above. She was the last one to get married, so I am adding pics of all of us at eachothers weddings as well. This is also a quick page, and I added pics of my own wedding. (obviously).

The great thing to me about digi-scrapbooking is that now that these pages are created, I can print a copy for Janeal, for myself, and my other roommates to add to the scrapbooks I already made for them. Presto! Just like that. Easy, Peasy.

I still have tonz of pages to go, but hey, I should be able to knock them out before dinner at the rate I'm going. But even better, I have my mojo back! Scrapping here I come!


  1. Ooh-where did you get these ones? I like em.

  2. The first two were from sweet shoppe designs. They are part of the Girl Next Door - Garden Girl album. And the last one is the tres chic album from Carrie Stephens at fishscraps. I bought ALL the Girl next door albums...way too cute not to. Just don't tell my husband! :)

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I've discovered your blog through your comments to Amy and Angie and I'm so pleased to see what is happening to you. I hope you don't mine me checking in on your site.
    It is wonderful that you are expecting a little boy. Of course, your mom told us as soon as she found out. To say that they are excited is an understatement. Ha Ha. It sounds as though everything is going well in your pregnancy, which is great. Make sure that you are eating healthy and taking your vitamins. I tell my girls that all the time. Get your rest and take care of yourself. This is a very important time of your life.
    I love your scrapbook pages. Don't worry about your mojo. We all have times when we want to do something else for awhile. I love both the regular and digital scrapbooking, although I haven't done any digital yet. I definitely plan to (hopefully sooner than later). Lela gave each of her children a box with pictures when they were growing up. I finished scrapbooking Bruce's just last week. It is one huge album but everything is in it. Now, I hope to scrapbook some pages for our grandbabies. I would like to do really nice ones for the special occasions and send them to the girls to include in their albums.
    You are also a good little baker. I would like to be one of your co-workers. We don't have anyone at school that makes us treats. How did you do the cupcakes? Did you use a large star tip? I also love fondant cakes - I have a lot of cake decorating things, including special molds to make fondant flowers etc. There are so many beautiful things you can do with fondant.
    I love blogs. I'm thinking that I might start up one of our own. It probably won't be too interesting but what a good idea to be able to journal your life's happenings.
    Well, I'd better close. I'm at Angie and Ben's right now for 2 weeks. I came to help out for awhile. We are so relieved that Ben's cancer is still in the local stages. Thank you for your support and comments.

    Aunt Janine

    P.S. Angie and I laughed and laughed at the comment Rachel's patient made.

  4. So dang cute Sarah! I totally need to get inspired. I have like 3000 pictures to scrap book and I really wish I was exagerating the #, but it really is around 3000, maybe a few more. YIKES! I need like 12 more hours in the day, and they need to be hours where my kids are asleep and I am cleaning and scrapping. :)

  5. Yikes. The fact that I too bought all those kits and albums (they were just so cute!) and didn't even recognize them one bit may mean that I need to slow down. has all their paper packs for $1 just for today if you get there in time. I was up laaaate downloading.