Tuesday, November 6, 2007

cute pics

I picked up some pics of Miles we had taken twhen he was 2 weeks old, and I thought they were cute, so I wanted to share.
but First.....
Like Father, Like Son
doing their favorite activity.
Napping during the Sunday Football games showing on TV. Miles is definitely his Father's son. You can't help but notice the similarities. :)

And here are the pics of Miles.

I know, there's only a couple. But it was kind of a spur of the moment thing I did when Rachel was here. So we didn't order a lot. But it was fun. And they are cute.


  1. He is so cute!! I am glad I get to see him even though we never get to see eachother. Hope things are going good for you guys.

  2. That first pic of Mike and Miles is perfect! They really do look a lot like each other. Boston looks 100% like Rick too. It's funny how that works.

  3. Those pics are sooo cute of little Miles! He is so adorable!

  4. I think they turned out really cute! My favorite is still the one with the blanket. He looks like he's thinking, "how did I get here?"
    So cute!

  5. zoomslide@hotmail.comDecember 15, 2007 at 11:43 PM

    Congratulations Sarah, You've got a beautiful little family! Kids make life totally worth it, don’t they!

    My little Hallie, sitting right here, officially approves. She says, "Oh, he's got such a cutie face."
    (Which looks a little like Adam’s, I think.)

    Merry Christmas!
    Rob Henderson