Saturday, November 3, 2007

Miles' First Halloween!!!

I should have known I would be one of "those moms." You know, the kind that obsess about their kids halloween costumes months before they are even born. The kind that forces the whole family to dress up on Halloween for the baby's first holiday. The kind that makes her husband take about a MILLION pictures of the little guy dressed up, plus a million more with each parent, and two million of the whole family. Yes....That's me. I am one of those moms....

And I am LOVING IT!!

So, here is a small sample of my obsessive picture taking for your enjoyment.

This is mom and Miles. I ofcourse dressed up as a biker, as I do every year. The reason???? I am always looking for an excuse to wear my real black leather pants. :)

Here we have Miles and Dad. Dad is pretending to be a hard core biker. But notice...HE doesn't have leather pants. Too bad he doesn't still have his really long hair.

And finally, the entire family. Just for fun. This was the first year I have been able to stay home and pass out candy to the little kids. I have always had to work, so I had a good time. We didn't have too many trick or treaters, but a few. And BOY, is halloween different here than in Wyoming.

Our next door neighbors have a cute 3 year old girl. She was dressed up as a hula dancer, with a little pink bikini top and real grass skirt. I laughed, thinking how the outfit would look on top of a SNOWSUIT in Wyoming. But she was adorable. There were no kids in snowboots, coats, or even jackets. Mittens and ear muffs were nowhere to be found. The kids were just out and about in their little costumes, enjoying the 78 degree weather as the sun went down. What a difference.

I started thinking about all the great halloweens we had as kids. Here are just a few of my Halloween memories.

1. Ben and Adam dressing up as Ninjas....for what seemed like the 10th year in a row. Or Cowboys. It was either one or the other. Rachel's costumes were always really "girly", and I basically dressed as whatever my mom wanted me to.

2. Dad hiding with his Freddy Krueger mask on in the hallway closet. He would wait for one of his poor, unsuspecting children to open the door, then jump out and scare us.

3. Mom stealthily sneaking up on the van where her innocent children were waiting for her. She jumped up, yelling and pounding on the window so hard, we cried and cried. I still remember sobbing..."Mom!!! That was really mean! Don't do that!"

4. I dressed up as a black cat in 4th grade and was so excited to walk in the Halloween parade at school. Until I saw the pictures of me in my cute kitty costume. I realized my little white undies were peeking out from under my black leotarde. The embarrassment of my "peeking panties" still haunts me to this day.

5. We trick-or-treated in the Aspen Grove neighborhood by my Uncle Paul and Aunt Joan's house. There was a house there that ALWAYS gave out KING SIZE candy bars. This was like basically hitting the lottery when you were a kid. We begged to go there every year.

6. When we were "too old" to trick or treat, the girl cousins had fun at Aunt Kathy Atkinsons house. We dressed up as a scare-crow , or a large pumpkin and propped ourselves on the front porch. Then, when kids rang the doorbell, we would jump up and scare them, chasing them as they ran away screaming. :) We were so mean.

I thought I would make a "top ten" list....but now I am stumped. My frazzled and sleep deprived brain can only think of 6. Lets just say we always had a good time. And a big thanks to my mom for keeping us in cute costumes and taking the time to drive us around all of Evanston every year to show us off, keep us safe, and get us the best candy. Kudos to you mom!


  1. It is fun being a mom like that. I went back and bought all the clearance costumes I could find for dress ups and we have been having knight/pirate/dragon/ballerina fun ever since :)

  2. I am loving those pics of your cute family. THis year for Halloween I dressed up as a really tired speech therapist. :)I guess all of my halloween costumes were really girlie, I never thought about it until you mentioned it. I also had a favorite Halloween costume--Little Red Riding hood. I think I used that costume for 3-4 years.

  3. I can remember all the time and effort my Mom and your Mom put into Halloween and I can't wait to be a Mom and do the same thing. I will probably be the Mon that dresses up, but there is no way I can get Rhett to dress up, so Way To Go on getting Mike to dress up. And WAY TO GO TO BE ALBE TO BE IN LEATHER PANTS THIS SOON AFTER HAVING A BABY!!!!!!

  4. All of your Halloween memories make me laugh!! I love all of the old pictures and I am definitely the same kind of mom you are. I love taking pictures of my kids too!! You look great for just having a baby and your little guy looks so cute.

  5. Oh the good ol' days!! I love Halloween. You look great, and Mike was trying hard to be a cool biker!! Miles is such a cutie, and enjoy the days that they sleep through the pictures! Hey quick questions, do you have a large family (I think five kids) in your ward with the last name of Ball?

  6. Sarah,
    Oh, cute little baby. I want to kiss him. :) love the old halloween pics, you guys look like you had fun.

  7. Hey darcey...thanks for the address, and I deleted it. Also, we don't have a family with the last name of Ball in our ward. Atleast not that I know of. They aren't on the directory. But we just got switched into a new ward, so I'm not positive.

  8. I love Halloween! Sarah you look fantastic!

  9. Hey Sarah LTNS! (I just made that one up. It means long time no see). I love those pictures of your families. Looks like you're doing great. I guess you didn't get snowed on on Halloween this year like it did every year in Evanston. Good to see you, Justen.