Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm it

I have been tagged, and must list 6 things no one knows about me. This kind of info falls into 2 different categories. Things no one knows that I don't care if they know, and things no one knows that I hope no one ever finds out. I'm sure you can guess what category my six things for this post will fall into!

so, lets get started.

#1. I am afraid of the dark. Its true. Now, I wouldn't say that I am a "true" Nyctophobe. But my husband will tell you the "let's leave the hall light on" is a near nightly argument in our house. He wants to turn it off...and well, .......I don't. And I know exactly where this fear came from. The blame for my phobia rests squarely on my father's shoulders. :) Just ask Rachel, and she will tell you. My dad used to own a Freddy Krueger mask. enough said. Not only can I not sleep in the dark, but I can not walk into a dark room. (this is also courtesy of daddio) I always crane my arm around the corner to flip the switch. If the switch isn't close to the door, the solution is simple. I don't turn the light off when I leave. There's just something about not being able to see if someone is in the room waiting for you! It is for this reason I also make Mike sleep closest to the door. Then, if anyone breaks in, they will get him first....and I might have time to escape!

#2. I love to sing. And I know most everyone is aware. But did you know my favorite song to sing in the shower is the Star Spangled Banner? Bet you didn't see that one coming. I don't know what it is. But somewhere between the "Oh say can you sees" and the "bombs bursting in air", I get carried away in my secret fantasy that someday I will sing the Star Spangled Banner at a major event. The World Series, the Superbowl maybe??? Or perhaps the Indy 500. I'm not sure. But I envision myself in front of all the fans belting it out. And when I get to the "land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".....the crowd goes wild.

#3. I love electronics. If my husband would let me, I would spend every cent I owned on the latest gadgets and gizmos. If you can buy it at Best Buy, I want to own it. I am especially partial to computers and their accessories, big screen tvs with surround sound, and digital cameras. My latest obsession, however, are the new High Definition Hard Drive camcorders. I want one so badly, it is slowly being moved from the want list to the need list. Now...if I could just find a job to PAY for all these things....

#4. I hate messes in small spaces. Example: that junk drawer everyone seems to have in their house? We don't. Drawers, pantries, closets, cupboards.....I can not stand for them to be messy. I'm not sure what it is that makes my skin crawl if their contents aren't situated just so. Organize the spice cupboard is on my weekly chore list. The clothes in my closet are organized by color and sleeve length, hanging in exactly the same direction, on identical hangers. My pantry is re-arranged on a near monthly basis. And I am CONSTANTLY taking pens, keys, paper, coupons, etc. out of a drawer in our kitchen that Mike keeps insisting should be a junk drawer. If you want to throw your clothes on the floor, never make your bed, keep shoes all over the house....go ahead. But forget to stack my plates from biggest to smallest, and you have a fight on your hands!

#5. I want to own a shaved ice business. Seriously! In Utah you can find THESE just about anywhere. When we moved to the hottest city in the world, I wanted one. And I mean I REALLY wanted one. But there aren't any. Anywhere. So, it became my secret ambition to have the first shaved ice stand in my area. I convinced Mike of my genius (and money making) idea, picked out the Snowie stand I wanted, met with the Snowie people, picked a location, got my financing in order and made my business plan. Then....SURPRISE!!!! We were having a baby. And there went my $$$ (and my dreams) of being a small business owner. About one month later I was driving by Lowes, and what did I see? But a portable snowcone stand parked right outside. Can you guess how long the line was? I literally cried. Now, don't get me wrong. Having Miles is certainly better than sucking on flavored ice. But it sure would have been nice to hold him in one arm and a large Tigers Blood snowcone in the other. And so the dream lives on......

#6. I always wanted to be a cowboy queen. Perhaps it was due to my rodeo going, horse riding, steer feeding, wrangler wearing up bringing. But I remember going to the rodeos and parades and seeing these girls with pink hats on beautiful horses, with curly fluffy hair and big crowns. And I wanted to be them. They would come in before the rodeo and race around the arena on their fast horses, holding the reigns with one hand and doing their distinctive bouncy, side to side wave with the other. (If you've ever seen it, you know what I'm talking about). I practiced this wave in the mirror. I know I'll never be a cowboy queen. But I still get a little nostalgic at rodeos. And the girls with the fluffy hair and funny waves always make me smile. :)

Tag....you're it: Rachel, Amy, Kristi and Ashley


  1. So fun...thanks for playing along!! Too bad about your snow cone thing...maybe someday?? And I had no idea you were afraid of the dark...does that mean you're not a big fan of scary movies either??

  2. yup. Scary movies are a no go, unless of course I watch them around 12:00 in the afternoon, when the sun is at its peak. :)

  3. yup. Scary movies are a no go, unless of course I watch them around 12:00 in the afternoon, when the sun is at its peak. :)

  4. That was fun to read. I have to get on it. I was tagged a while ago. That sinks about your business! Miles is little right now, you could just take him with you... And you have a beautiful voice!