Monday, January 21, 2008

Quotes from Kids

This was inspired by my sister, who posts the funniest stories of her patients.
At church, I teach the 4 year old sunday school class. This weeks lesson was called "I am a child of God". During the lesson, I asked the children "How do you know Heavenly Father loves you?"
These are their responses:
  • Little boy #1: Because he gives me bananas
  • Little girl: Heavenly father loves me because last night my mom made my favoritist, bestest, most delicious dinner ever! Not like all the other crappy dinners.
(hmmmm...I don't think I'll share this tidbit with the child's mother.)
  • Little boy #2: Because He makes water. and when it freezes, you can walk on it. Thats what Jesus did a long time ago in the winter time.
  • Little boy #3: Because I have a family. a really big, hugest family. Because Jesus knowed to have lots of people watch me, or else I get in trouble.
  • Little boy #4: Because he gave us a good teacher for church.
Now, I thought that last one was awfully sweet. Until he followed it up with:
  • "You can be my teacher, because you are old like my mom. And you were probably friends with Jesus when you were a little girl, because that was a long, long, long time ago."
So, just for fun, I asked "Oh...well, how old do you think I am?"
They replied: 15, 13, 5 like me, You're old like my mom and she is atleast 17, ummmm....I think maybe 100.
Can't wait for next week. :)


  1. That is so cute! Totally made the day of vacuuming and doing dishes all better.

  2. How cute is that!!! You must get awesome responses like that all of the time. Hey...I tagged you on my go check it out and keep it goin! :)