Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do you wanna play?

Sucker - def. Slang. to make a sucker of; fool; hoodwink: another person suckered by a con artist

While I can be *slightly* gullible on occassion, I certainly wouldn't consider myself a sucker. Nor do I believe I am a fool, or easily hoodwinked. And I most definitely have never fallen for a scam.

But if you asked my husband about the "as seen on TV" items I have purchased, like the green bags that claim to keep your produce fresher longer, or the microwaveable bacon cooker, or even the rotating tupperware dispenser, he would most assuredly disagree with me.

(***in my defense, none of these products were purchased while watching info-mercials on late night TV.***)

But every year, I buy into something I am almost ashamed to admit.

For a few weeks every year, I readily throw away my money, and some would argue, put my health in jeopardy.

But why? Why do I do this?

Blast those McDonalds Marketing Execs.
It's Genius I tell you!
There's just something about peeling off those stickers and playing on-line (TWO chances to WIN!) that I just can't resist.
I know I won't win.
I mean, I know I won't win anything BIG. But inevitably, I win a small french fry, or even better, a McFlurry (M&M please!), making it, in my mind, SOOOOO worth it.
And when I go to redeem my free ice cream, I might as well order a chicken sandwich meal with a large fry and diet coke too, right? Afterall, I SHOULD eat dinner before my dessert. (And, I get 9 more stickers to peel off!)
And then I win another McFlurry.....and it starts all over again.
So, until November 3rd, when McDonalds Monopoly is over, I'll admit it. I'm a sucker. Go ahead and call me a fool. You get a free pass.
But when I peel off my Boardwalk sticker and win a million bucks....well......
I won't be sharing. :)


  1. Len is right there with you! Last time they had Monopoly he ate at McDonald's twice in one day!!! He goes totally nuts for this stuff. I guess it adds a little fun to a monotonous life. I guess I can't fault you for that.

  2. I love Monopoly at McDonald's, I just wish Kristi was as gung-ho as I was. And late night infomercials always have the best stuff to buy.