Tuesday, December 9, 2008

children and snowing

Yesterday I was thinking about a sign my mom used to have hanging in our old house on Zuni. It read someting like:
"Cleaning the house while children are growing

is like shoveling snow while its still snowing."

When I was little, I remember reading the sign and thinking it was funny. It was more of a "haha, I'm a little kid and my mom has to pick up after me. That is so funny," kind of humor. But now I AM the mom. And only a mother can appreciate the true sentiments of that statement.
I think I'll embroider this saying onto a dish towel. Or maybe make some snazy post it notes. Or perhaps I should laminate a giant sign to hang in my living room to excuse myself when company comes, and the living room is strewn with everything and anything two little, one-year-old hands can reach. (which often includes toys, blankets, unmentionables retrieved from the garbage can, dog food, shoes, pots and pans.....use your imagination. You will find it on my floor.) Yes, I think a sign for company would be a good idea. When people walk in, I'll simply point to the sign. Enough said. No more explanation needed. I have a child.
Or maybe just a sign for myself to look at. Everyday. Every minute of Every day. To remind MYSELF its okay. Okay my living room (or kitchen, or bedroom, or....) may not look pristine. Far Far Far from pristine.
In any case, I don't think I will be forgetting that little saying anytime soon.
Yesterday was my "catch-up" day. The last couple weeks I have been really busy in the shop. Lots of blankets and special item requests. Apparrently the general population is much more diligent about completing their Christmas shopping than I am.
My poor little house has suffered. I'm certain my husband thought my hind quarters had become permanately attached to my sewing chair. And because of that, my "pick up a little every day" policy was rarely enfored. (ahem.....I mean, never enforced.) And my sweet husband didn't complain. (much).
Yesterday was my self-proclaimed day to get everything in order. No sewing. No crafting. No blogging. Just cleaning, feeding, laundry, cooking, and official "house wife" stuff. I got an early start, beginning in the kitchen and with the dishes, and working my way room to room. I made sure to vacuum before Miles went down for his nap, so I could mop while he was sleeping. And that's just what I did.
I had just finished putting everything away in Miles' room, and started on the laundry. I became slightly concerned when I heard squeals of delight and laughter coming from my son. What on earth was he doing in his newly cleaned room? Well, opening the drawers and pulling every item, one at a time, out of them. Then throwing them all over. Seriously. ALL over. ALL his clothes. ALL his bibs. ALL his old burpcloths. Socks. Books. Diapers (both clean and dirty). It might as well have looked like this.

Perhaps I am exaggerating. Just a little.

So back to work I went. Once I had his room cleaned again, I noticed the "M" that spells his name on the wall had fallen down. I pulled the crib out, got the letter, and set it aside when I saw the treasures Miles had dropped behind his bed. When Miles picked up the "M", I wasn't worried. It's wood. What could he do? As I was wedging myself between the wall and the crib, digging out the forgotten toys, I heard an unmistakeable "SNAP"! What could he do? Well, he COULD stick the M through the slats on his crib. And he COULD turn the M into a wierd position. And he COULD try to get the M out of his crib. And he COULD snap the M in half while trying frantically to retrieve it. That's what he could do. And then he COULD laugh out loud at mom when he sees the look on her face. Apparrently a block of wood is no match for my one year old.

And later, when I took a break after folding 4 loads of laundry to use the powder room, before putting the clothes away, Miles had a grand old time unfolding and throwing around every article that was on the couch.

All 4 loads worth.

After cleaning all day, my house doesn't look that much better. The lunch Miles refused to eat and instead, threw all over the kitchen floor i had just mopped, is still there. There are loads and loads of clean clothes all over the living room, a messy again playroom, some broken wood, and now.....a headache.

It's true what they say.

About cleaning and children and snow.

But the truth is...I have always loved snowstorms. If I had to choose, take 'em or leave 'em, I would take them every time.

Such is the life of a mother. And in all honesty, if i had to "take it or leave it",

I would take it every time.

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  1. Hey Sara, I know just how you feel. you get one thing done and it is messed up again in about two seconds. I really enjoy reading your posts. they always give me a good laugh. I attempted to start a blog, if you would like to take a look here is the link.
    http://romerclan.blogspot.com/ I hope you are all doing well!