Monday, December 29, 2008

Updates at last!

I have been wanting to update. But between spending time at the hospital, having Christmas, traveling and spending time with family, I just haven't had the chance. But in our family the saying goes: "No news is good news."

And that's just what I have.

They took Adam's NG tube out to claps and cheers by the family. Adam wasn't quite as excited during the actual removing of the tube. You try pulling a large tube from your stomach out your nose and see how much you like it!

He was so excited to get that out! He was sipping water, then drinking clear liquids, juices, and having soft foods in no time at all. And the very next day he was transferred to a regular floor. The Drs on the floor asked him when he wanted to go home, and he said "Right Now!"

So the next morning, Tuesday the 23rd, they planned on discharging him.

He had to wake up early on the 23rd and have surgery on his knee. They put a plate and screws in and around his knee of the broken leg, and then......

Drum Roll Please......

Adam came home! After 12 long days in the hospital, 10 of those in the ICU, Adam is home.

Here we all are on Christmas Eve. Adam insisted on being in the middle. (Actually, he just couldn't get out of the recliner). He finally let my mom cut his hair, and he is looking much better than he is feeling.

My mom worked tirelessly to get the house and his room ready for him. But he made it home the day before Christmas Eve. And we could not have been happier.

He is still on a lot of pain, but it gets a little better every day. He has to walk around with his walker, because he can't put any pressure on his leg. Getting around is a slow process, but at least he is home.

We, as a family, have been so touched by the number of people telling us they had been praying for Adam, or had lit a candle for him, or put his and our familiy's name in the temple, or they were thinking about us. We are so grateful to you, and are certain these are the reasons Adam's recovery has been progressing so well. In a time when the spirit of this season is so often overshadowed by commercial interests, we have witnessed and been reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

I am so grateful for the love of family and friends, and for the thoughts and prayers of complete strangers. We have felt your prayers. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who has watched over my family, spared my brother's life, and is helping him to recover both physically and emotionally from this awful accident. I have no doubt He has heard and answered our prayers. We have experienced our own Christmas Miracle.

I can not say Thank You enough.

I have pictures from the hospital of Adam I am still planning on posting, but during all the hustle and bussle and moving around, it seems the camera has been misplaced. When we find it (and I'm sure we will), I will share.

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  1. Sam,I'm happy to hear that Adam is doing better. Give him a big, but tender hug from me and let him know that we're thinking about him.
    Happy New Year.