Monday, December 15, 2008


I have Updates on Adam:

First, thank you, Thank you to everyone.


Thank You.

Adam has had lots of visitors and calls, and though he usually wakes up just long enough to shake their hand, and goes back to sleep, we ALL appreciate it.

Adam is still at the U. He was doing fairly well yesterday, and they Drs were considering transfering him out of the ICU to a regular floor. But his pain medication was making him sick, and that, in turn, caused him to have a long bout of tachycardia (fast heart beat). They got it under control after a couple hours, but that landed him another day in the ICU.

This morning, the newest round of tests showed the abdominal bleeding hadn't stopped, and infact, was getting worse. So that landed him a trip to the OR to fix the bleeding. There was a very large hematoma and blood clot in his large intestine from the bleeding. The Drs were able to remove most of that. They also removed his gall bladder. It wasn't in great shape, and they thought it would probably become infected.

Because of the bleeding, they haven't been letting him eat anything. He only gets IV nutrients. Having food pass through the section of his intestines that were damaged could cause even more problems. In his surgery, the Drs attached part of his small intestine to his stomach. This way, he can eat, and the food will bypass the parts of his large intestine that still need time to heal. I'm sure Adam was happy about that, because if everything goes well, he will be able to eat in 2-3 days, as oppossed to 2-3 weeks.

His surgery went well. Now he is in the Surgery ICU. If he looks good tomorrow, they will move him back to the regular ICU. And if he still looks good the next day, on to a regular hospital floor.

The abdominal bleeding and surgery were a little set-back, but we are hoping after this, he will be well on his way to recovery.

Rachel drove down to SLC today to stay with Adam tonight and tomorrow so my parents can attend Johnny Pat's funeral. Adam is understandably upset he won't be able to go. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Millburgs at this time, and I hope you will continue to keep them in yours as well.


  1. My thoughts and prayers and with you and your family at this time. I am glad to hear that Adam is stable and improving each day. Adam is such an amazing person and he always brightens the room when he is around! Give him our best! Holly and Miles

  2. Sarah,
    Hey. Good to hear the updates on ADam. Your dad txted Jeff and he talked to your mom yesterday. But we didn't get everything you said, so thanks. Of course you guys our in our prayers. TAke care.

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated. I wish we were closer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the fam. Give everyone a hug for me.