Saturday, October 10, 2009

I don't want to do it....

Blog, that is.
Don't get me wrong. I love sharing my stories and the comings and goings of my family. I love staying connected with friends. I love keeping a record we can look back on.

I have been procrastinating.

Because I am in denial. And I don't want to admit that

when did that happen??

It's hard to have a "real" Birthday when the Daddy was scheduled to work 110 hours. But I did my best to celebrate with that big boy of mine. Miles blew out birthday candles during his pancake breakfast, which he ate off his red letter day plate.

Then he wanted to watch "Roar Roars" (Dinosaurs in Ice Age 3) and eat "feeshees". In my defense, I tried to get him at least to wear pants. But "No" happens to be his favorite word. And it was his Birthday after all....

A movie, a bath, and one outfit later, we were off to Heritage Park to have fun at the Petting Farm. We saw "neigh neighs", "moo moos", and "Baaaaaaaaaas". He had fun playing with the piggies, donkeys, bunnies, chicks, and even an Alpaca! And after he had pet every animal at least 10 times, we went to "Yum Yums" for lunch. (That is what Miles calls McDonalds. Seriously. Every time he sees those golden arches he cries out "want Yum Yums!" Don't you judge me.....)

We had to wait until the NEXT day to open presents. Miles opened one present Friday morning, the Old Yeller dvd his Dad bought for him . And because Birthday parties are always more fun with friends, we headed to Ohio to celebrate his Birthday with the Tranchells. Miles is a pro at unwrapping presents. He wasn't really interested in the actual present, just the unwrapping of them. For his 2nd Birthday, Miles received:

1. The Old Yeller DVD from dad
2. A homemade magnetic chalkboard from mom
3. A new winter coat from Grandpa and Grandma Romer
4. $50 for his college fund, and a cute pillowcase for his bed from Nana and Papa Atkinson
5. Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ed (and baby boy) sent a card
6. Playdough and a toy truck from the Tranchells
7. and Mom and Dad gave him new clothes, Jammies, snowpants, snow boots, and one new toy: a (small) talking Elmo doll Miles picked out himself

We made it to Ohio, had a homemade pizza dinner, opened more presents, sang "Happy Birthday", blew out the candles, and ate Birthday cake. ( no ice cream. It wouldn't have survived the 3 hour drive from Wyandotte to Akron).

I can't believe how much he has grown in the last year. How much he has learned and developed. I can't believe how lucky I am.
Miles, you are a delight and a joy. Your smile melts my heart, and your laughter brings a twinkle to my eye.
Happy Birthday little man!


  1. Sam, I can't believe you have a two year old. Do you just sit there some times and stare at Miles and think, "Where did ALL the time go?" I know I do.
    As far as McDonald's goes I totally won't judge you. For a while now every time we go through any drive through, including the bank, Kehl will ask for "ries" and how can you say no to that? I couldn't turn down a "yum, yum" request.
    Happy Birthday Miles!!!

  2. Happy b-day Miles! We are so glad you came and celebrated with us! We're glad that you only live 3 hrs away so we can still get together, too bad we don't do it more often.

  3. slaHappy Birthday Miles! They grow up too fast. I can't believe it has been two years! Looks like you had a great time!

  4. I have no idea how the "sla" got on the Happy! Just call me Amber!