Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pulling out the big guns

I kindly interrupt my lack of blogging tonight because I simply can't help it.

I have a little boy that strongly dislikes going to bed
(We don't say "hate" in our house. But if we did, I dare say that is the word I would use to describe his feelings about something as boring as sleep)

This boy of mine is smart. Too smart for his own good.

He definitely out smarted me tonight.

You see, I put Miles to bed a little early because he didn't have a nap. Something he was COMPLETELY upset about. So he cried a little. Then a lot. And when I walked across the kitchen to tell him one more time it was time for bed, I was stopped in my tracks.

There was my Miles, standing in the dim glow of his fishy night light, BIG alligator tears rolling down his cheeks......



What am I supposed to do with that?

I laughed so hard I nearly lost bladder control.
Picked him up and brought him out to his dad,
so we could share a good laugh together.

And then he got some ice cream.

(Look at that smile! This kid knows what he's doin')
I am certain he planned the whole thing.
Mom-0 Miles-1


  1. That is so funny, Miles is getting to be quite the little character- he must get this sass from the Romer gene!

  2. I got the fabric from Walmart, or all places. I think I paid $2 for it!

    By the way, we would love a visit from the Romer's!

  3. That is too cute. It's funny that they can make you crazy and you want to pull your hair out, but then 2 seconds later they do something funny like that and then you can't stop laughing.