Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!

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From Woody, (who REA LLY wanted to be Buzz Lightyear), and the rest of the Romer clan.
We hit up the ward Trunk or Treat last night. Our conversation on the way home went something like this:

Mom: Hey Miles, are you going to share some of your candy with Mom?

Miles: No.

Mom: Please??


The kid is wise beyond his years. He knew if he only said “never, never” I would still try to swipe some chocolatey goodness out of his basket. but FOUR "never"s.....and I knew he meant business.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, go ahead and swing on by. We'll be giving out some ALL of these:


This just happens to be my most favorite score from Rite-Aid of ALL TIME!!! My husband doubted me. He said it was impossible. But then I showed him this….


You see that? You see all those zeros? Well, that’s because I paid ZERO dollars and ZERO cents for 60 KING SIZE CANDY BARS!! WOWZERS!

I’m sure the parents on my street will just be thrilled!!

Just now I told Miles we could go to the neighbors house to show off his costume, and they would probably give him some more candy.

Then I said… “Are you spoiled or WHAT!???”

Miles responded with a resounding “WHAT!!!!”

Silly boy.

Happy Halloween!!!


*****It was pointed out to me by my loving husband that, in fact, not ALL 60 candybars were completely free. I DID, afterall, spend $0.95 cents on a slew of coupons to buy my candy. So, it was more like I bought one candy bar for 95 cents, and then got 59 for free. My apologies! astute cousin pointed out to me that there were in fact, NOT 60 candy bars pictured. And I admit, Mike did take several to work with him for the other residents on-call tonight. As for the other missing candy, I can neither confirm or deny their disappearance into my fridge, freezer, belly, and other various hiding spots around my home. :)*****


  1. holy candy. holy savings. holy homemade cutest woody I've seen and I've seen a lot this week. you're my hero today.

  2. Oh the good times of trick or treating and finding the houses that gave out the "good" candy. However after counting the candy in the picture it seems that a few candy bars have gone missing. Any idea where they might be!

  3. oh he looks so adorable, wew sure miss you guys and hope all is well!

  4. AMAZING DEAL!!!! wow! speechless... even with the 95cents! you are hilarious!!!


  5. Someday I'll be as cool as you and learn to coupon. Someday I'll come trick or treating to your house... I could use a twix about now. :)

    love the woody costume... even if he wanted to be buzz. Seth was woody for a good year of his life, sometimes he wouldn't even answer to anything but Woody. o good times! :)