Friday, October 15, 2010


Miles and I have a little bed time routine. After the bathing and the teeth brushing, the pajama wearing and the story telling, the song singing (Rocky Mountain High, and Country Road are his current faves) and the praying, and finally the hugging and the kissing, I usually lean over and tell Miles I have a “secret”.

Then he whispers back “Mom..what’s your secret?” But it sounds more like “Mom wat you secet?”

And I whisper “I LOVE YOU!!!”

He thinks its great. Our bedtime routine pretty much goes like that every night. So you can imagine my surprise tonight when he beat me to the punch. After hugs and kisses, he grabbed my cheeks with his little hands, brushed my hair back from my ear and whispered:

“Mom…I haf a secet”

So I whispered “You do? What is it?” (already starting to get choked up. Hearing my little guy tell me he loves me in his soft whisper voice gets me every time.)

And then he sweetly whispered back “Mom……I want to go to Chucky Cheeses.”

Oh, he kills me.

And because every post needs a picture (or 7), I thought I would share why it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to update my Etsy shop. Miles, just channeling his inner Mr. T.

For those of you who have been waiting…(all 3 of you!), I have a SLEW of new products to list. Soon. I’m getting there. I promise.


  1. oh my goodness... hilarious! super cute pics! can't wait to see the new stuff!!!!


  2. I started getting all choked up and then read his response and started laughing out loud! He is too funny. We hope to see you on Halloween.

  3. ha ha, love it! boys are soooo silly. :)